Renewed Mind Magazine 

32 Visualization Scripts to Elevate your Practice!


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How to simplify the visualization process, so that even a beginner could understand and look forward to their daily practice? That is the question fellow retrainer Lia longed to answer when she sat down to write her first Visualization Script. After fine tuning the process, she came up with an easy to follow Visualization Script that allows the mind to step into the experience with all five senses. 


How Does it Work?


Renewed Mind Magazine brings 32 Visualizations to life with detailed but easy to follow prompts. Each page includes a picture of an inspiring location, a storyline to be imagined and a detailed script of what you could see, hear, touch, smell, taste and feel once there. 


How to Use It?


An entire month of Visualizations allows you to explore a new place every day, while you insert into the story your specific incremental training challenge. All of the visualizations include a food element, presented as for example, a favorite Italian food, a favorite desert, or a favorite drink, allowing also for personalized food training. Just read the script a few times and your brain will absorb enough ideas to step into the experience!



  • About the Magazine

    32 visualization Scripts to Boost your Life. Imagine traveling anywhere in the world, exploring new places, awaking all your senses to the experience and savoring the moment as long as you wish. Learn how to visualize and experience its benefits.