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"Self Love Club" Tote Bag

"Self Love Club" Tote Bag


"Self Love Club" Tote Bag

I hope you love this tote bag! I really love this design and the beautiful dreamy colors :>  It is a really good size- not your tiny tote bag but not too big either.  Perfect for a fun day outing, groceries or beach day.  This design is made with a lot of love and with all of my rewiring buddies in mind.  I hope you love it and when you look at it you remember that all of us are out here together healing and transforming together!


Design: Ashley Lauren, RYW Founder



Height, in12.9916.0217.99
Length, in12.9916.0217.99
Width, in3.153.153.15
Handle height, in11.8111.8111.81
Handle width, in1.001.001.00




  • Shipping & Information

    Working with a POD (Print On Demand) service has many great benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.  Shipping is one of these draw backs.  I have no say over the shipping prices as the POD company decides them. I cannot lower or change or combine shipping costs.  When you order more than one product you might notice that you are charged 2 shipping costs.  This is because with POD each item is often printed at a different company/facility and is shipped directly from there. 


    The upside to POD is it allows me to offer you all of these amazing, fun products. Without POD the cost to print the products, store them and ship them would be astronomical.  I have tried to price these as low as possible so everyone can afford them even with sales tax and shipping costs. 

  • Returns & Exchanges

    All of these products are created by a Print On Demand company, meaning I do not  have any control over shipping times and costs, or returns/exchanges. 


    Printify will only process exchanges or returns if something is wrong with the print itself (ie: print is out of alignment).  They will not do returns or exchanges for size mis-orders or things of that nature. 


    There are No Exchanges & No Returns (unless a printer error)


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