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Rewiring Your Wellness & HappyChillFunTime Present

Sept 19 & 20, 2020

Online Zoom Conference 

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Ashley Lauren
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The Rewiring Wellness Retreat happened in September 2020 in which more than 900 people signed in to join us for 2 days of learning and inspirational talks and interactivities.  This virtual-event focused on providing resources and creating community to those on their brain retraining journeys. Our mission was to create an experience that would inspire, educate and connect people using neuroplasticity-based programs to heal to a larger network of wellness-minded friends and leading educators all while having a lot of fun!


Our virtual weekend retreat featured leading coaches, teachers, trainers and inspiring speakers in the field of positive psychology, neuroplasticity and other wellness practices. During the course of each day, we balanced informative, activity-based, mindfulness, and uplifting laughter sessions, allowing your brain to stay calm, capable, and able to receive all of the amazing information provided. 


All levels of retrainers are welcome, as diagnoses and triggers will not be discussed, only inspiration for rewiring.

We are so excited to finally have this recording available to you!

You can find the event schedule for both days and list of speakers in the "RWR Video Tab" in the main menu.  Within the video, you will see small pop ups you can click on to connect to the speaker's website or social if you are interested in their work.  


Also Included with the 8 hr Event Recording 

Speakers Social Contact List 

What's App Group List & Invitations

Winston's Micro Dose'n Tool Kit

Candy's Foundations of Rewiring Handout

Laura's Weekly Menu Template

Lindsay's Reclaim Your Resilience Handout

You can find these documents and Handouts on the "Resources" Tab or click here.

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