Sept 19-20, 2020 : Free Virtual Wellness Retreat : World Wide 

Rewiring Your Wellness & HappyChillFunTime Present

Your Hosts
Sept 19 & 20, 2020

Online Zoom Conference


9am - 1pm PDT

Ashley Lauren
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Holly Atkins
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The Rewiring Wellness Retreat  is a free virtual-event focused on providing resources and creating community along your brain retraining journey. Our mission is to create an experience that inspires, educates and connects you to a larger network of wellness-minded friends and leading educators all while having a lot of fun!


Our virtual weekend retreat features leading coaches, teachers, trainers and inspiring speakers in the field of positive psychology, neuroplasticity and other wellness practices to support you in your health and healing.  During the course of each day, we balance informative, activity-based, mindfulness, and uplifting laughter sessions, allowing your brain to stay calm, capable, and able to receive all of the amazing information provided. All levels of retrainers are welcome, as diagnoses and triggers will not be discussed, only inspiration for rewiring.

There are also  options to attend both days or only one day, as well as, options to attend a whole day or key sessions throughout the day.  You can see our Events Page for more information on this.

Doing this together is the key! We hope you join us for this weekend of wellness!

We're excited for you to join us on this heart-centered journey!

Please note: We recommend you have an understanding of the rewiring principles through a neuroplasticity-based program like DNRS or Gupta before attending this retreat.   We will not be teaching the basics in this retreat (but it might be coming soon!)

Keep in mind that the retreat is focused on healing and learning, and less focused on conditions or questions about specific conditions.  It is important that all participants keep their verbal language focused on learning and growth.

** We are not Affiliated with DNRS or Gupta **


Our speakers come from all walks of life and are dedicated to helping you learn and grow. They will be sharing their stories and techniques to install hope in your heart and mind as your healing journey unfolds.

Select a speaker to see their bio and the sessions they will be teaching at the Rewiring Wellness Retreat.