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I'm So glad you are here! 


If you are I am guessing you have dealt or are dealing with similar health challenges as I have faced.  I have definitely run the gamut of diagnoses both mental and physical, unhelpful doctor's appointments, and late nights spent researching, "What the hell is wrong with me?", only to be sent on a roller coaster journey of uncertainty.  I get it.  Along my journey, I was lucky enough to be introduced to DNRS-The Dynamic Neural Retaining System which I practiced whole heartedly with much success and credit it for saving my life. 

As a tool, the practice of body-based neuroplasticity, got me far but what actually supported me through the practice is the community I found through creating What's App Groups where we could connect, laugh, share our inspiration, and celebrate our successes.  I would not be where I am today without the friends and community surrounding my rewiring practice.

So, needless to say, I am here now to help others find the same salvation that I did.  We only rise together as we find strength and hope in each other.  My first offering of the Rewiring Wellness Retreat, is just the beginning.  This website will be a source of great joy and inspiration as it continues to unfold with time and the need of the surrounding community.  After the retreat, we will continue to host discussions, speakers and panels, as well as, offer a supportive monthly newsletter, and blogs by recovered coaches, wellness educators and more.  The sky is the limit!

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Ashley Lauren
Founder RYW & Mentor

As a retrainer, soul seacher, creative and certified somatic movement leader, I am opening my world to offer a unique take on the process of transformation from chronic conditions.  I, myself, have worked through so much chaos in my body and mind from intensive digestive disability chronic pain, C-ptsd, eating disorder, Relational attachment challenges, mood/brain swings, and so much more that no living person (except maybe you) could even begin to understand the depths of hell I have been too in both my body and my mind.  There is a deep well of compassion and empathy inside of me for each of your individual journeys and circumstances.  If I have not been through it personally, then I have seen or heard of it in the myriad of retrainer groups I have created and been a part of.  But I do know that this works, retraining does work.  Sometimes it takes an individualized approach, sometimes it takes a few more tools and information, sometimes it takes just knowing you have someone solid by your side who is not going to let you slide.  Really, it takes a village! 


I am happy and honored to be by your side and introduce you not only to foundations built around the typical brain retraining practice but also somatic regulation, polyvagal theory, and so much more.  We will take this one step at a time.  It's funny but the more intentional and gently disciplined we move forward, the quicker there is success.


My background: 5+ Years Practicing and Leading Community in the Brain Retraining Community, Somatic Movement Certification, Quantum Healing and Energetic Release, Luminous Institute 3-Year Practitioner Certification, Reiki Level 2, Positive Psychology and Social Dynamics,  Business Management and Mentoring and a vast knowledge and depth of personal experience in what is actually takes to align with our wholeness.  You can read a bit more about my journey here.



Let's have a chat to see if we are a good fit!  You can schedule below for a 15 min consult.  Upon working with me you will also have first dibs on the small group sessions!  Please email with information about yourself & your practice.

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