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How I'm Healing

"How I'm Healing" Brain Retraining Practice Cards, are a practice deck for brain rewirers using every day retraining topics to help elevate moods, think positively, redirect negative thoughts, shift symptoms, and learn new tools to increase resiliency and well-being.


*A 151 Card Deck Set Comprised of 5 Categories of Brain Retraining Practice Topics

*Each Category has 30 Card and there is one Cover Card with "How To" Instructions

*2.5 X 4.5 on 100Lb cover

Designed and Printed in Boulder, Co

Brain Retraining Practice Cards

The deck includes 150 cards, categorized by five topics, including:

  • Positive Word of the Day
    Choose one card - either at random or choose a word intentionally. Can this word help you reframe a situation or change your association to something? How can it help guide your day?

  • Recovery Tools & Tips
    This category is intended to be digested in bite-sized pieces, daily. Read one tip per day and read it often throughout the day.

  • When You Have a Silly Symptom
    Since words are very meaningful and can trigger the brain to take well-patterned pathways it’s helpful to use the word “silly” instead of “bad”. Choose one of these cards if you find yourself needing a new perspective on how to handle your situation.

  • Redirect Your Thoughts
    Choose one card per day. Use the card suggestion to help redirect your thoughts.

  • Mood Elevation
    Choose one card whenever you need to elevate your emotional state.

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