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Thank you so much for supporting these cards that have come from our deepest desires that we may all truly be well and help each other rise to our highest potentials.

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Here Are Some Examples of How You Can Use The Deck:


Choose one card from this deck in the morning. Can this word help you reframe a situation or change your association to something? How can it help guide your day?  

It might be helpful to digest bite-sized pieces of information rather than reading through a lot of content at once. Read one tip per day.

Since words are very meaningful and can trigger the brain to take well-patterned pathways it’s helpful to use the word “silly” instead of “bad”. Choose one of these cards if you find yourself in an ebb to give yourself a new perspective on how to handle your situation.


Choose one card per day. Use the card suggestion to help redirect your thoughts.

Choose one card whenever you need to elevate your emotional state.

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