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Rewiring Your Wellness Presents 



Monthly Speakers Series 2023 : Online Worldwide

The Rewiring Your Wellness "Speaker Session Series" is a virtual-event focused on providing resources and creating community alongside your chronic health and healing journey. Our mission is to create experiences that inspire, educate and connect you to a larger network of wellness-minded friends and leading educators all while having a lot of fun!


Our Speaker Sessions will feature leading coaches, teachers, trainers and inspiring speakers in the field of positive psychology, neuroplasticity, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Education, Art & Movement and other wellness practices to support you staying motivated and informed along your journey.  During the course of our series, we will interview our guests and balance informative interviews with activity-based education, mindfulness, and uplifting laughter sessions.  All levels of retrainers and all health-inspired beings are welcome, as diagnoses and triggers will not be discussed, only inspiration for rewiring.

There are also options to attend all sessions or only one.  We will keep you posted on upcoming speakers as we get the lineup settled.  Recordings will be available for the live sessions if you sign up and cannot make it. Recordings will be available by donation on our Video Library shortly after the live event.

Stay Tuned for each month's session info by subscribing to our monthly RYW Newsletter.

Tuesday May 30th, 2023

Online Zoom Conference


11am - 12 PST

Your Host
Ashley Lauren
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Lindsay Mitchell
Neuroplasticity Coach
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Lindsay Mitchell

Founder of Vital Side & Neuroplasticity Coach

‘Brain Retraining Vs. Somatics' 

A snapshot into nervous system regulation tools & when to use them

It can be SO confusing to figure out what tool to use when. Practitioners ALL have their say in what works best for what symptoms or what emotion. What if we could learn to tap into our own intuition and capabilities to discern what modality works for us? In this talk, I'll be diving deep into the differences and similarities between brain retraining and somatic practices. I'll talk broadly about nervous system regulation and how to tap into your ability to discern what tools work best for you & your healing journey today. Bring your journal, a pen, and an iced glass of something to refresh your healing journey and allow yourself to press reboot on your practice.


Lindsay Mitchell is the founder of Vital-Side, a membership program that empowers those with chronic illness and limbic system impairment to retrain their brain out of the chronic stress response so they can get relief from their symptoms and find freedom in their lives. Her training in medicine as a physician assistant, work as an NLP practitioner, and experience having recovered from Lyme disease makes her uniquely qualified to assist others in learning how to shift their response and experience positive changes to their symptoms.

If you would like to know more about Lindsay or work with her individually, her website is and Instagram is @myvitalside

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