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Why is Shipping so Expensive?

Working with a Print On Demand company has its pluses and minuses.  On the plus side small businesses have the ability to create products for their communities without needing to have a lot of money to invest in products, shipping and manufacturing.  The minus side is that the POD (Print On Demand) company uses different printer to print products and each kind of product can be shipped from a different location.  So that each product has its own shipping price rather than a combined shipping price like you would regularly see.

Why Are the Items so Affordable?

I wanted to make things as affordable for everyone as possible and did not want price to be factor.  I do not have control over shipping prices or tax though but did the best I could with those factors not in my control..

What Happens if the Print on My Product Looks Bad?

If there has been a printing error, you can email me with a photo of the printing issue and the name on your order and i will let Printify know the issue and they will send you a new item.

What Happens if My Item Doesn't Fit?

We can not do returns or exchanges.  Or I should say the  Print On Demand company cannot do returns (unless a printing problem) or exchanges.  If you do have a size issue, let me know and I can give you a coupon code for future purchases in the store.

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