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Rewiring Your Wellness Presents

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Vanessa (Your Grateful Guide)
"Grief - How To Heal While Grieving"

September 25th @ 10am PST Zoom

Stay in touch on our newsletter for registration information. Details to come.

Live & Recorded
Monthly 2023

Online Zoom Conference 

Your Host
Ashley Lauren
Founder RewiringYourWellness
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The Rewiring Your Wellness "Speaker Session Series"

is a monthly virtual-event focused on providing resources and creating community alongside your chronic health and healing journey. Our mission is to create experiences that inspire, educate and connect you to a larger network of wellness-minded friends and leading educators all while having a lot of fun!


Our Speaker Sessions will feature leading coaches, teachers, trainers and inspiring speakers in the field of positive psychology, neuroplasticity, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Education, Art & Movement and other wellness practices to support you staying motivated and informed along your journey.  During the course of our series, we will interview our guests and balance informative interviews with activity-based education, mindfulness, and uplifting laughter sessions.  All levels of retrainers and all health-inspired beings are welcome, as diagnoses and triggers will not be discussed, only inspiration for rewiring.​

To make sure you get the time and date for our next monthly session, please make sure to sign up for the newsletter.


June Speaker Session with Meredith Wilensky
May Speaker Session with Lindsey Mitchell
April Speaker Session with Niki D'Agostino
March Speaker Session with Tessa Malcarne

If you would like to support our work and these sessions, we would truly appreciate it.  All of these resources are made available by your kind donations. We could not do it without you!

Please stay in touch to find out more about our upcoming events this year!
If you have any topics or theme you would like to be covered in these sessions, please let us know at

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