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Tue, May 28


Zoom Webinar

May RYW Speaker Sessions: Being A HSP Whilst On A Healing Journey

Welcome to the RYW Monthly Speaker Sessions! Our next guest is Kate Prance on the topic of Being A HSP Whilst On A Healing Journey

May RYW Speaker Sessions: Being A HSP Whilst On A Healing Journey
May RYW Speaker Sessions: Being A HSP Whilst On A Healing Journey

Time & Location

May 28, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM PDT

Zoom Webinar

About The Event

We’re very excited to be chatting with Kate Prance on the 28th of March!  She will be talking on the subject of Being A HSP Whilst On A Healing Journey. 

Hey there, I'm Kate! Let me share a bit about my journey. I've been on a healing path for the past 8 years, moving from being bed-bound to starting to really live my life. It's been a journey marked by challenges like CFS/ME, SIBO/IBS, bladder issues, skin problems, PCOS, POTS, mold, chemical sensitivities, noise sensitivities, and weight issues. While I still consider myself on the road to recovery, I've come a long way thanks to a mix of approaches—things like brain retraining, yoga, qi gong, and self-soothing exercises, and nervous system regulation.

What's made a huge difference for me is embracing self-compassion and following what brings me joy. I've found immense healing in reconnecting with nature; it's been like medicine for my soul. I don't think of healing as a destination with a clear endpoint. Instead, it's an ongoing journey of learning to live fully as a human being.

I'm really into sharing about what it's like to be an empath and a highly sensitive person, especially while on a healing journey. People often attach a lot of negativity to being "too sensitive," and I'd love to change that. There's this idea that sensitivity is only because of the tough stuff you've been through, but that's not always the case.

Being a playful empath and highly sensitive person from the UK, I've found comfort in the company of furry friends with wagging tails. Wearing yellow whenever I can adds a splash of sunshine to my minimalist wardrobe

In this session, we we be talking about what it means to be a sensitive person and a empath, how so often we confuse our sensitivities for what is actually a dysregaulted nervous system and trauma, but they are not the same. How being sensitive whilst healing can be so tricky cause you tend to lack a sense of self, or any form of identity, and often your life has been based around codependent and people pleasing relationships.


If you would like to know more about Kate Prance or work with her individually, you can connect with her here at Instagram:


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