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  • I am currently practicing a brain retraining program, how can I make sure this is in my training zone?"
    The retreat is designed for all levels of retrainers, including beginners. We have done our best to create a safe space condusive to healing within the 2 days of the event. Speakers and coaches know to keep conversations focused on healing and growth rather than the past. Also, if you sign up for a whole day, you are welcome to step away when you need to and pause and come back when you are ready. You can do this a few ways, 1) Make sure your video is off, turn down your volume, and partially shut your laptop or put a cover over your monitor. 2) If you really need to leave and come back that is OK too! We are just trying to lessen ins and outs as much as possible (the link/password will be the same when you sign in again)
  • What if my wifi is not great?
    Well, that can be a problem.. one solution is to keep your video turned off. Another is to sign out and sign back in. We hope that these help!
  • Are you affiliated with DNRS or Gupta?
    No.. most of us have use DNRS as our guide for healing chronic illness but other than learning and benefiting from the programs guidance we are not affilated and do not receive any money for promoting their programs. We just believe in them.
  • I get overwhelmed and do not know if i can attend the event..
    Thats ok! We have designed this retreat for people just like you! During each day there are pauses between session, guided meditation/visualization session and laughter.
  • Do you need to have previous experience in "brain retraining" based healing methods?"
    We are not teaching the basics of neuroplasticity-based brain retraining. If you are curious about this way of healing please make sure to check out The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, The Gupta Program, or Lindsay Mitchell's "Vital-Side" Program. We are not professionally affilated with any of this programs. If you are curious, you are welcome to join but please refrain from asking health-related questions to any of the speakers at the event instead email them directy.
  • What sessions can I attend?
    You can attend whichever sessions you choose, but we recommend staying for the full experience of the event as you will learn a lot more.
  • What time zone is the retreat in?
    The retreat is in PST/PDT timezone in the US
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