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The Orca whales blessing

I was at the beginning of my perfect storm. Everything seemed dark, bleak, and full of desperation. I tried to talk to God many times in those days, I prayed, I begged but nothing kept me serene. I was going through what some may call the dark night of the soul. Somehow God wanted me to connect with him through a different path, the path of bringing light in the middle of a deep darkness.

I am pretty intuitive and I use to get messages from my oneiric realm at night. I got so many messages through my dreams that helped me understand many blockages within me or my relationships throughout my life and I consider this a blessing. When I was a little girl I felt afraid about it and in some way I shut down those capacities that we all have. It felt strange to me and little I know that in my adulthood that was going to serve me so much for my growth.

In one of those nights were I was at the middle of my limbic storm I had a dream. I remember it as if it were happening right now; I was in a beautiful frozen realm, full of pristine jade color ices. I was wearing a nightgown, and I was bare feet, there was a really calming silence, it really was cold but I couldn’t feel any. I felt amazing, I felt full of love, compassion and a prominent sense of serenity. Specifically it was a cave, a frozen cave that had a transparent water lake on it. I could clearly see the bottom of the cave. Suddenly two beautiful creatures emerged from the depths; two majestic orca whales showed up before my eyes. I stood in an aw, watching them surf the pristine waters. They were so benevolent, beautiful, enormous, mysterious and they had a message for me. Telepathically they talked to me, “Laura, this is just a transition, hold on, you are the queen of your realm, be brave, be silent, observe”. As I was getting those words on my mind I felt renewed, fueled with calm, trust was back at my heart.

After that magical dream I began to have more faith, hope and trust that something bigger than me was trying to communicate with my heart. It was God, finally he used those totem animals to let me know that he operates in beautiful ways through dreams and that message was an answer to my prayers. I am not a religious person, but I consider myself as a deeply spiritual person. It was an amazing breakthrough and eyeopening experience, I felt softness and relief for the first time in ages. Magical things happened throughout the months after receiving such angelical message, I found about neuroplasticity, and the information about what was truly happening inside of me. Things have never been the same in my life, I used to think that I was lazy, weak or even profoundly confused about what life was, now I trust in God, he came back, he never went out of my life indeed. I simply was not listening or attuning to the grace of that intense force.

Animals are sacred, they can mean many things through signs, and most the times the scariest ones for us can be delicately crucial to our understanding of our inner realms and unconscious minds. Totem animals were a way of premonitory cognition in many ancient cultures, my guess is that is still operating in our subconscious collective and we can get many great insights through that knowledge or intuition.

Whats your totem animal?, do you feel attracted to an animal in specific?.

Have a wonderful retraining day! :)

xoxo Laura.


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I offer one one one coaching and also workshops about neuroplasticity. I help you to connect with your intuitive side with evolutionary astrology hints.

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