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We would love to hear your experience of the Rewiring Wellness Retreat!  We have gotten so much amazing feedback and would love for everyone to feel the positive vibrations we have created together.  Please feel free to leave your name as "Anonymous" if you would rather not share.

Chazmith Newton



Favorite Moment


Ya so Saturday I laughed 🤣 so so so much and prior to that day I didn’t know the last time I had laughed so much in a day at basically nothing (which is so special when compared to laughing at say a comedy show). The opener of the retreat was a laughter yoga guy ... I was on a walk in a public park with the doggie ... and I had this moment like “yup I’m doing this” and I just let myself do all the fun silly laughs out loud (and I haven’t stopped since) 🙃
Great speakers, great topics ... loved the intermittent moments for laughter and DOSE 😍 Great community!!! 👏🏼



18 months

Favorite Moment

Missed Most of Saturday. Loved All of Sunday, but special moment was hearing Winston's laughter for the first time. I couldn't help but laugh! Her laugh and spirit is so infectious. I had done a couple of Holly's meditations before the retreat, and love them. They have helped me remember PMs and create my own FVs.

I was listening to parts of Saturday, as I was doing not a particularly fun activity. I periodically listened in (because I didn't have WiFi where I was) and it really helped me with what I was doing even though I wasn't totally focused on it. I kept running into the other room to write things down. LOL
I am so impressed with how this retreat was set up, the people who volunteered to be a part of it, and the sense of community it has created! So grateful for all these new tools!! Looking forward to reading the blogs!!!




Favorite Moment

What wasn’t there to love...each and every presentation had a nugget to adopt and soak in. I enjoyed the transitions with Winston, Holly’s visualization and Ange’s tapping...again I loved all of it!

I would definitely attend again...and if a speaker ...yay! It lifted me so high I could fly...❤️.

Janet Johnson



Favorite Moment

When I learned that just smiling sends a message to the limbic system to be in calm mode. I have been trying to smile constantly like Annie and all the on line instructors do.

In the 90's, due to numerous toxic exposures, I lost my job, my career, my marriage, my house, my children. I was actually more successful in clearing the heavy metals than the limbic stuff, and have boxes of books I read, looking for a solution. I had been stuck for a few months on the DNRS, but now, after the weekend workshop, I am only a few small conquests from my goal of being able to go anywhere I want. I got my life back and couldn't be happier!



2.5 years plus a smidge 😊

Favorite Moment

A sweet moment while tapping with Angela between Micro- DOSE’n. My brain was so flooded with DOSE chemistry and the solidarity of community that the world seemed to stand still in Joy and Peace.

A rising tide lifts all ships… They were many many times during the retreat were the victories and joys of one were celebrated by many and with that we all rose!



3 Years

Favorite Moment

I loved seeing everyone's smiling faces and meeting everyone's dogs at the end of the retreat!

I feel so blessed to have been a part of this and to have had the opportunity to fulfill my dream of helping people. I had such a great experience working with all of the speakers and so much help from buddies. I am forever grateful for your participation!



3+ years

Favorite Moment

All of them

The Rewiring Retreat was wonderful. It was delightful to share smiles and laughs with so many other people. The presenters were excellent, and provided huge inspiration for how wonderful life is if we just keep practicing happiness and positivity. Hanging out with people who have recovered and are now sparkling away was a great example of what is possible.
The talks were on time, and things ticked along happily. Before the weekend, I had thought I’d pop in and out, but I ended up participating in everything and enjoying all the sessions.
Thank you to everyone who worked to make the Retreat happen. What a huge amount of work and dedication! Thanks to everyone who joined in and made it a community event. Thanks for the Rewiring facebook group that continues the work of this splendid retreat. Yay!

Liz Carlson


Nearly 2

Favorite Moment

Winston's humor breaks, Katie's heartwarming story, Astra's authenticity, Dr. Cathleen's heart/brain coherence meditation.

I am so grateful to Ashley for creating this magical force of goodness for rewirers to connect in such a positive and uplifting space. 

The event was inspirational, uplifting, helpful, and went smoother than any online event I've attended. Holly the co-host did a wonderful job, too!

Though I recovered from my "ITs" a while ago, I feel like I benefited from this and have more skip to my step.

The speakers were wonderful.  Seeing them live their best lives in their joy, has since given me encouragement to live my truest most authentic self. I've applied many of their ideas, too, already to my life and my rounds.

I would have definitely valued this while earlier in my journey as a way to get to know rewiring coaches.

This event and related forums helped me learn about active, open rewiring Whats App groups. I am about to join a virtual dance party in ten minutes!  Thanks again!
-xo Liz

Candy Widdifield


10 months

Favorite Moment

Laughter Yoga with Bianca at the end, wrapping up the weekend!

I was so impressed by all the wonderful presenters, sharing both their wisdom and their hearts. It was a very informative, uplifting and inspiring experience!



April 2020

Favorite Moment

Astra Rebecca’s whimsy!

Thank you so much! I loved the retreat. You asked what I loved....everything about it. All of the presentations were were an excellent moderator (if thats the right word) and I loved the first guy, was it Robert? His exercise was awesome! So calming. Astra Rebecca was truly fun and whimsical! She was such fun to listen to! There was so much more...every bit so useful. The new WhatsApp group for microdose is brilliant! So grateful to Winston! and to all who do rounds and microdosing with me. This retreat was incredibly supportive and cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and preparation.



3 years

Favorite Moment

Getting to teach my meditation to so many wonderful people!

This retreat was magic! I loved presenting and I also loved learning. It was a wealth of knowledge, a true resource for anyone retraining the brain. I loved seeing so many people shine, both presenters and participants. I will take this with me for the rest of my life.

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