DEAR CANDY: Q&A for Retrainers: Answers to Questions On Rewiring for Your Brain for Wellness.   

    Candy Widdifield is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Wellness Coach, & Registered Reiki Master Teacher in British Columbia, Canada. Her areas of specialization include central nervous system disorders (including chronic illness, trauma, adjustment disorders, anxiety & depression) grief & loss, personal growth, & spirituality. Candy is extensively trained in Positive Psychology, EMDR, somatic psychotherapy, the Safe & Sound Protocol, and neuro-rehabilitation strategies. She has personal experience with chronic illness and was a student of DNRS in 2009. She subsequently became a senior facilitator and head coach for the company for five years before returning to private practice full time. She is passionate about helping people increase their resilience so that optimal well-being can be sustainable long term, and to date has helped hundreds of people achieve their wellness goals.

    If you have a question for Candy, please email her at DearCandyQuestions@gmail.com


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    THINK WELL, FEEL WELL: Meditation in a Nutshell

    Kelcey is certified in Mindfulness Meditation Instruction. She currently teaches virtual meditation classes at The Mindfulness Center and can be found at @meditatewells for tips, individual sessions, and wellness in the workplace workshops. Her passion lies in corporate wellness and has developed programs to teach people how to foster balance versus burnout at the workplace with mindfulness methods. Her work is inspired by her own personal burnout experience after working in a taxing corporate setting for ten years. She discovered the power of mindfulness, meditation, visualization, positivity, and neuroplasticity to change her life, begin to heal herself, and give her a new-found purpose.Kelcey has been using brain retraining methods, namely DNRS, to rewire her brain from years of stress, trauma & debilitating physical imbalances. While still on her road to recovery, she has happily uncovered her true resilience, self-acceptance and purpose.  Kelcey enjoys teaching about the magic of meditation and visualization to reset, restore, and rewire the brain and body. 


    Kelcey currently teaches Friday’s at 6:30pm ET on her virtual online classes for The Mindfulness Center TheMindfulnessCenter.org.   She also teaches a complementary class on Instagram Live @meditatewells Wednesday’s at 7:45pm ET .  She can also be reached by email at meditatewithkelcey@gmail.com for more information on individual meditation instruction or wellness in the workplace programs.

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    THE BRAIN WARRIOR: Healing Through the Heart and Dreams

    Neal is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, relationship mentor, & Life Healer. Neal’s work has been featured in several national TV spots, Unfair Advantage Live (NYC PR networking group), Huffington Post, Walk the Talk Speaker (Ted like talk), multitude of podcasts some that also featured names like Gary Vaynerchuk & Seth Godin, and he is featured in a book about public speaking. He did all this while doing the deep work of recovering from chronic illness.  


    His clients are intuitive and heart centric. Neal teaches people how to master their internal world so their external world is simple.  Neal stands for radical change for his clients through the ignition of their divine creative center. He takes his 10 year background in life coaching and brain science to help his clients with TheBainWarrior Method (TM). This method emphasizes the rewiring of all the levels of mind in both the brain and the body.  


    As a multi-hyphenated person,Neal felt completely ensconced in his 120 symptoms. He struggled with lots of physical symptoms, crippling anxiety, anger, depression, and so much brain fog it felt like dementia. Not able to live his potential was deeply troublesome. Neal used many techniques to recover DNRS, Dispenza, Hansen (list goes on). What he realized was that each time we give up our dreams (absolute you) we are reaffirming our old pathways of trauma. Surrender is not giving up...it is giving over. 






      THE NATURAL BRAIN: Finding Meaning and Mindfulness in Nature and Words

      I am an internationally educated political scientist with a corporate business background. My journey back to health through DNRS, a brain retraining program, has brought me a profound spiritual transformation that revealed a deep, unmanifested connection with Nature as a source of endless beauty, meaning, joy and happiness. In Marcel Proust´s words: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes“. In my own words: “Nature connects you with the Divine“. 

      As a native Spanish speaker who has lived in Germany for many years and who has mainly used English for brain retraining, I am very interested in the relationship between languages and neuroplasticity. I am looking forward to sharing some insights with you based on my own experiences.


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      UNEXPECTED BREAKTHROUGHS:  How We Can Attract Them With Our Intuition and Our Connection With What We Cannot See.

      Laura is a former graphic designer and makeup artist from northern Spain. Nowadays after almost recovering from LSI through DNRS, she is helping other people with their rewiring process. 

      Many of her clients find a barrier between the English and Spanish languages.  She helps them implement the tools by transmitting all her knowledge about neuroplasticity, somatic techniques, and releasing trauma. Laura is a fun, passionate person who is guided through spirituality that she has discovered through her healing process and through evolutionary astrology. Her transformational work has been catalyzed by a great understanding of what she calls "looking with closed eyes", and that knowledge helps many of her clients regain control of their intuition. 


      She gives zoom calls every Wednesday at 8:30 PM CET, to help others understand neuroplasticity and its tools (In Spanish). English language groups can be arranged if interested.


      She can also be reached at lrasinesm@gmail.com for individual coaching sessions or consultations.



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      REINVENT YOUR PRACTICE, REINVENT YOUR LIFE: How to Stay Motivated for the Long Haul

      Agatha is a certified life coach (Whole Person Certified Coach®) who helps women find the clarity and confidence to go after their dreams. She also holds a Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. For the last fifteen years, she has worked in various digital marketing roles, running large global programs for software companies. Two years ago, she discovered the power of neuroplasticity and has (almost!) cured herself of over ten years of mysterious chronic illness. She tried numerous different protocols and treatments to heal, but nothing touched her symptoms until she learned of a program called DNRS. She loves supporting women in the middle of a big life transition - whether that’s around career, starting a new business or finding more purpose.


      She wholeheartedly believes in the power of changing your thoughts to change your reality, and has created a mini course called GET UNSTUCK to help her clients identify, transform and release their limiting beliefs. 

      She can be reached at agathabrewer@gmail.com for more information around 1:1 private coaching



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      REWIRING FOR CREATIVITY: Finding your Intuitive Voice

      Alina Bachmann is an award-winning visual artist, certified level II Reiki practitioner, and creator of Brain Gardening®, a neuroplasticity module based on her own experience recovering from chronic illness. After a history of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), coupled with natural disasters, chemical injury, and toxic stress levels, Alina developed lifelong health and anxiety issues associated with a maladaptive stress response. Through her program and publications, she hopes to inspire others in their own healing journeys. Whether people are experiencing similar health effects or feeling creative blocks and disconnect from their passions, Alina guides others to find peace and reconnect with their own intuitive wisdom that is uninhibited by fear. To contact: info@braingardening.com






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      RECLAIMING YOUR TRUTH: True Self Orientation & The Key to Creating A Life You Love

       Dr. Cathleen King, DPT is a physical therapist, transformational leader, consciousness/neuroscience educator, and a busy mom.  She is the founder of Create Your Brain State™- A company dedicated to creating supportive programs for personal transformation and conscious living education. She mixes neuroscience, personal experience and alchemical magic into all she offers. Her superpower is helping others see the patterns that have bound them, resolve their subconscious resistance, and create transformational life changes through her mentoring and courses.

         Cathleen found her own liberation from over a decade plus of debilitating chronic Lyme disease, mold toxicity, chronic fatigue, PTSD and a host of other challenges through combining her neuroscience PT background and intuitive healing skills causing her to develop her own brain retraining programs.  She effortlessly weaves her teachings together for all clients involved in other programs such as DNRS, Gupta, Lightning Process, Somatic Experiencing, and energy medicine practices, and believes all paths can lead to one great whole.

      For a full list of Cathleen's courses and mentorships, please visit her website.




        NATURAL HEALING: Healing In Presence with Nature and Animals

        I am an English professor who teaches composition, research writing, and literature. I have a bachelor’s in theater, a master’s in English literature, and a doctorate in educational leadership and management. My perfect storm led me to DNRS and Vital-Side, which I credit to jump starting my life again.  Learning about neuroplasticity has greatly impacted my students as well, as they do their final research paper on neuroplasticity and how it can create happier, calmer, and more successful students. Luckily, my students love this topic! In addition to their research papers, I have them keep weekly gratitude journals, which many have said have created immense happiness. Through my journey I have discovered the power of positive thinking, laughter, gratitude, meditation, and the healing energy of nature. I have even started a children’s book series based on a bird that I created in visualizations; he has become my constant companion and friend! I am incredibly grateful for my journey and being able to help others realize their full potential.

        I also lead the monthly DNRS Literary Book Club group. 

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        SELF LOVE IN ACTION: A Journey of Discovering What It Truly Means to Love One’s Self

        I am a 40 year old woman with many passions in life!!! From nature to arts to learning to teaching, coaching and now neuroscience, quantum physics, movement and more!! I’ve spent the last 18 months in DNRS rewiring my brain, and as I call it, re-writing my story and co-creating my destiny. I feel beyond blessed that I was introduced to this tool every single day.

        I was first intuitively cued into how powerful our mindbody connection is, as well as the power the brain has over our body back in 2012 when I started studying phantom limb pain and understanding feedback loops ... and through this awareness alone, and releasing fear I healed a severe back injury... though this was only the beginning of what would be a very interesting set of experiences to follow. I spent most of my adult life as a fitness coach, who found herself swimming upstream trying to navigate a world that was hugely focused on the external when every bit of my soul came to understand how integrated mind-body and soul really are. I left the world of coaching and began a journey of true self love and healing for myself. It’s been a beautiful ride with ups and downs and highs and lows and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        I believe with ALL my heart that life happens for us, and it’s ALL been for good. These days I am hosting a podcast called Our Power Is Within that focuses on all things mindbody related, healing & taking our power back. I also host a free movement class weekly so we can move and laugh together, establishing a healthy relationship with movement. 



        Our Power Is Within Podcast

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        FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING: Body, Mind & Life Transformation

        Bianca Spears is a Laughter Leader, Business Mentor and Award-winning Coach who helps people to create lives and businesses that they are wildly in love with. Her mission is to help people to access the joy, freedom and abundance they dream of through better utilising the tools that they were born with; reconnecting them to their inner wisdom, bodies and breath.  She's helped entrepreneurs to establish brands and businesses that create a lasting impact on the world and a sustainable income. Her laughter yoga and laughter wellness work has helped thousands of people across the world to reduce pain, stress and anxiety, to feel good and to reprogram their minds and nervous systems to achieve happier, more fulfilling lives.



          Lynn Wheatcraft

          LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH: Encouraging People Using My Life Experiences

          Personal stories encouraging you along your journey

          Lynn is a warm, smile-filled woman who loves life. A bathroom dancer, nature lover, walker extraordinaire, and woman of faith. She is retired after a 40-year career in marketing communications. She is living her life abundantly after completely healing from a host of alphabet soup issues. Lynn credits brain retraining as the breakthrough to her recovery. She primarily used DNRS, Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations and laughter yoga, in addition to a variety of eastern and western medical modalities.


          Lynn loves to walk in the woods, soak up time with God and nature and be with her family and friends. Lynn lives with her husband, Doug, and rescue cat, Bella. Lynn credits them both with teaching her how to relax and be playfully in the moment.

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          YAY! NEUROPLASTICITY : Healing Is A Party!

          Astra Rebecca emerged from a lifetime of chronic illness singing and dancing (chronically ill for 27 years, 13 of which she was bedridden; over 100 symptoms). She now uses her personal experiences to help people in all stages of life re:claim wholeness in a relatable and fun way. She takes from her own life experiences of recovering from abuse and trauma, addiction and disordered eating, chronic illness, competing in high level athletics, creating art installations and photography for NGOs, traveling the world, and learning to break free from victim mentality to not only create the life of her dreams, but help others, as well. By bringing a mixture of compassion, empathy, and deep joy to their life and work, it allows her to help make healing enjoyable and accessible to others. As a “Healing Party Hostess” and “neuroplasticity personal trainer”, she brings her unique personality and skillset to her work as the creator of Yay! Neuroplasticity Coaching to help create an individualized plan and path to wellness that is simple, practical, and enjoyable with lots of playfulness and laughter along the way! 


          She hosts a free weekly virtual karaoke dance party on WhatsApp called the Neuroplasti-Party to help elevate and provide connection and laughter, especially for re-trainers. You can follow her on instagram @yayneuroplasticity and @go_astra_go. For questions and coaching inquiries, please contact her at astra@yayneuroplasticity.com.



            SHERRI MASLER

            REWIRING FOR HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: Building Them From the Ground Up

            Sherri is a down-to-earth gal who loves kids, animals, and nature. She is a mom to two wonderful grown girls and a grandmother-to-be. Sherri is trained in helping struggling and dyslexic readers - she helps them rewire their brains, too! She loves spending time with her dog, backyard gardening, art, hiking, walking, writing, journaling, spirituality, and all things neuroplasticity and recovery related! An educator at heart, Sherri is excited to be able to share with others how she has been recovering her brain health, discovering who she really is, and freeing her true self for the first time.


            Having had limbic system impairment most of her life, Sherri struggled with anxiety, depression, and various mild physical ailments for as long as she could remember. After a number of years of stressful and traumatic circumstances, her brain’s chronic stress response turned on causing debilitating symptoms, and she began using DNRS to turn the chronic stress response off.


            During her journey back to health, which she is still joyfully rewiring, Sherri has pulled from a variety of resources to customize her experience to suit her needs. While Sherri uses DNRS as one of her main recovery tools, she also utilizes the tools and wisdom gained from laughter yoga, art classes, the Gupta Program,The Adult Chair model, 12-step programs, meditation, Vedanta, and other spiritual principles.



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            HEALING THROUGH ART:  Rewiring Wellness through the Creative Arts

            First and foremost Lisa is a dedicated mother to a teenage daughter, a lover of life and all things creative.  Trained as an artist and art educator, Lisa spent over a decade working for the public school system as an art teacher and museum educator. Later she was employed in a private school setting as an art therapist for children on the Autistic Spectrum.  At the start of her career, she had the good fortune of being placed in a traditional public elementary school setting that also housed a group of children with varying exceptionalities. This experience opened her heart and mind to the miracle that all modalities of art have a profound healing effect. 


            Having had a limbic system impairment since her teenage years, Lisa overcame her chronically ill state using DNRS as well as other tools including meditation, breath-work, Laughter Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and time spent amongst nature.


            She has her Reiki 2 Certification, Children’s Yoga Certification, and Angel Card Healing Certification.

            She plans on sharing her knowledge and expertise as her joy in life comes from teaching and uplifting others.


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            ASHLEY LAUREN

            Director: Rewiring Wellness Retreat, Wellness Coach + Somatic Educator

            Part entrepreneur part artist, Ashley is jack-of-all-trades.  She delights in organizing events and creating collaboration with supportive community, aiming to bring inspiration, joy, and delight into the world of health, healing and neuroscience.  Faced with her own mental health and body challenges in the past 25 years, she has had to overcome many obstacles to uncover her true self-expression and offering.  The science of neuroplasticity and the possibility to be the hero of your own story inspired her to pass this incredible wisdom down to others, so that they too will be able to feel the brightness of their own beings.

            Ashley is a trained Somatic Dance Educator and has studied numerous healing arts including Reiki II, Theta Healing, EFT, NLP, AARM, Positive Psychology & TM Meditation. An avid advocate of self-expressive arts, Ashley loves to bring people into the world of dreams & possibility through the simple practice of putting color on paper.  When she is not creating new offerings, you can find her reading fantasy novels, sewing felted creatures or hanging out at the beach.

            www.rewiringyourwellness.com  (you are already here:>)


              Katie Nickerson

              Healing Coach / Founder of Katie Nickerson Coaching

              Katie Nickerson is a southern gal at heart, originally from south Alabama, but currently resides in beautiful northern California. At the age of 22 Katie suffered a limbic system injury due to the perfect storm of a toxic mold exposure, emotional stress, and a perfectionistic and type A personality. After 8 frustrating years of research, numerous diagnoses from dozens of practitioners, and more dietary plans, treatments, and supplements than she could possibly count, her health continued to decline and she remained mostly home and bedbound. She discovered DNRS through a divine encounter with a stranger and she successfully and joyfully retrained her brain and recovered her health! (Ask her about how she healed her brain during a trip to Disney World!) Katie now loves giving hope to those struggling with chronic illness and has a coaching practice to help health warriors regain their vitality, joy, and health through brain retraining.

              When not coaching, Katie enjoys planning and hosting parties for her friends with beautiful and nutritious food! She loves fashion and hopes to incorporate closet consultations and styling into her coaching practice one day. 



                WINSTSON GARLAND

                Laughter Facilitator, Community Builder + Funny Mom

                I laugh like a gargling chipmunk, a sighing damsel and a lusty donkey mixed with a piggy snort… But once upon a time I couldn’t laugh. My fight-or-flight system was so busy running from paper tigers. Humor bubbled all around me but I could only smile and mumble a pedantic “That’s so funny.”  I  was born in the loving embrace of a deeply rooted Southern family, survived a plane crash, solo sailed three years across the Caribbean, renovated houses, and became an artist and mother. The common theme was always, I am a creator. So enabled with the tools of neuroplasticity I began re-creating my brain.  I learned my limbic system was impaired and was degrading the health of my whole body. I used a number of powerful tools to rewire my brain but my most frequently used tool is Micro-DOSE’n my brain with humor.  Back when I couldn’t laugh, I was inadvertently jacking myself up daily with CAN (cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine).  Now I micro-DOSE my brain with humor.  DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) - The positive neurotransmitters associated with calm and bliss.  The other day I spilled a full gallon of white paint on the kitchen floor, in the past that would have resulted in stress. But instead, it became an epic ‘Whoopsie Daisy!’ story! Currently, I coordinate a successful Laughter Group, which I lead by example, using laughter, costumes, accents, and anything that prompts a giggle. My goal at the Rewiring Wellness Retreat is to share this joy with others!  Contact: winstongarland9@gmail.com