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Robert Rivest
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Laughter Yoga Master Trainer & Stress Relief Educator

Robert Rivest is an internationally admired Laughter Yoga Master Trainer. He is a renowned comic mime artist, an accomplished health, literacy and stress relief educator, and an engaging public speaker.  Since 1985, he has given over 8,000 presentations in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the U.S.  His keynotes, trainings, retreats, and “Laugh- Along” YouTube videos have helped thousands of people around the world lift their spirits and experience more joy in their lives. 


Services Offered: Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainings & Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings, Motivational Keynotes, Corporate Wellness Programs,  Staff Stress Relief programs, School Programs, College Programs, Public Awareness Seminars, Mindful Living & Laughter Retreats, One on One Coaching  . . . and more.  

Robert Rivest offers  Laughter Yoga Leader Training Certification (Online) $300 USD

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Laughter Leader, Business Mentor and Award-winning Coach

Bianca Spears is a Laughter Leader, Business Mentor and Award-winning Coach who helps people to create lives and businesses that they are wildly in love with. Her mission is to help people to access the joy, freedom and abundance they dream of through better utilising the tools that they were born with; reconnecting them to their inner wisdom, bodies and breath.  She's helped entrepreneurs to establish brands and businesses that create a lasting impact on the world and a sustainable income. Her laughter yoga and laughter wellness work has helped thousands of people across the world to reduce pain, stress and anxiety, to feel good and to reprogram their minds and nervous systems to achieve happier, more fulfilling lives.

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Founder of Vital-Side, PA-C, NLP & EFT Practitioner

Lindsay Mitchell is the founder of Vital-Side, a program designed to reboot the brain’s growth-and-repair response. She helps those with chronic stress and chronic illness go from a state of fight/flight/freeze to a place of freedom and security in their bodies. Five years ago, she started working in medicine as an internal medicine PA-C, and after recovering from chronic Lyme disease, she makes it her mission to help others with chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog to find relief from their persistent symptoms using their most valuable resource- the brain.


Lindsay offers a virtual brain retraining course to help people jumpstart the process of growth-and-repair or parasympathetic reset. She works as a neuroplasticity coach and holds weekly community calls for clients in the Vital-Side Program. Lindsay utilizes tools like positive visualization, laughter, and state changing exercises to empower those with chronic illness to boost their immune system and regain their health.

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Founder of Create Your Brain State™,Transformational Coach & Consciousness Educator

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT is a physical therapist, transformational coach, consciousness educator, and mom.  She is the founder of Create Your Brain State™- a comprehensive nervous system regulation program that teaches brain retraining, vagus nerve regulation skills, somatic movement, and energy medicine practices.  Her superpower is helping others dissolve their subconscious resistance patterns and create transformational life changes through her customized Dimensional Shift Technique© Brain Rewiring Attunements- which combine the latest in neuroscience with an ancient hermetic quantum healing approach.  She brings a variety of tools and cutting edge consciousness education to her work.  In addition to coaching, she teaches group classes, leads group brain rewiring attunements, and has a variety of online courses for all levels focused on healing trauma and chronic illness patterns. 


Cathleen found her own healing from over a decade of debilitating chronic Lyme disease, mold toxicity, chronic fatigue, PSTD and a host of other challenges through combining her neuroscience PT background and intuitive healing skills with brain retraining programs such as DNRS and lightning process. Eventually she created her own healing program that resulted in not only radical healing from disease and trauma, but also brought transformational personal life changes.  She enjoys living the life she dreamed up through rewiring her brain and connecting to her True Soul Urge.






    Former DNRS Facilitator & Head Coach, Clinical Counselor + Wellness Coach

    Candy Widdifield holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and practices as a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Registered Reiki Master Teacher in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Her areas of specialization include central nervous system disorders (including chronic illness, trauma, adjustment disorders, anxiety & depression) grief & loss, personal growth, & spirituality. Candy is extensively trained in Positive Psychology, EMDR, somatic psychotherapy, and neuro-rehabilitation strategies. She has personal experience with chronic illness and was a student of DNRS in 2009. She subsequently facilitated programs for DNRS, offered coaching, & trained and supervised coaches for the company for 5 years before deciding to return to private practice full time. Since then, Candy has become a Certified EMDR practitioner and immersed herself in a deeper understanding of the role of central nervous system function in optimal health. She is passionate about understanding the body mind connection and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you.

    Candy’s Blog Posts ”Dear Candy Q&A”

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    Healing Coach / Founder of Katie Nickerson Coaching

    Katie Nickerson is a brain retraining coach who helps DNRS retrainers optimize their practice to regain their vitality, joy, and health! 

    At the age of 22 Katie suffered a limbic system injury due to the perfect storm of a toxic mold exposure, emotional stress, and a perfectionistic personality. After nearly a decade of research, numerous diagnoses, and more dietary plans, treatments, and supplements than she could possibly count, her health continued to decline and she became home and bedbound. She discovered DNRS through a divine encounter with a stranger and she successfully and joyfully retrained her brain and recovered from CIRS, MCS, MCAD, CFS, and HI! (Ask her about how she healed her brain during a trip to Disney World!) Katie now loves giving hope to those struggling with chronic illness through her coaching practice. She specializes in helping clients shift associations and heal from mold and chemical sensitives, experience freedom from perfectionism, and create healing daily rhythms and rituals. When not coaching, Katie enjoys planning and hosting parties for her friends with beautiful and nutritious food! She loves fashion and hopes to incorporate closet consultations and styling into her coaching practice one day. 

    Katie is also the amazing coach and moderator that interacts with and shares weekly retraining inspiration with our Rewiring Your Wellness Private FB Community.  JOIN US!

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    Host + Creator of HappyChillFunTime & Ethical Living Advocate

    Oprah and Richard Simmons hybrid, Holly Atkins is a Host, Creator, Ethical Living Advocate, chronic illness survivor and professional Joy Bringer! Working to make positive feelings and feel good neuro chemicals more accessible, she creates mood elevating resources and experiences, like her "Re-trainer Friendly" podcast, @HappyChillFunTime, which provides relaxation and a welcome serotonin boost in the form of a calming storytime meditation for grownups. 


    On @thehollyatkins on instagram, she shares her efforts to make more ethical and sustainable choices in food, beauty, fashion and pretty much every other part of life because ‘we don’t need a few people doing it perfectly, we need everyone doing it imperfectly’. Holly continues to heal from over a decade of illness and a laundry list of symptoms related neurological impairment using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System by Annie Hopper.

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    Wellness Coach + Founder of Yay! Neuroplasticity Coaching

    Astra Rebecca emerged from a lifetime of chronic illness singing and dancing (chronically ill for 27 years, 13 of which she was bedridden; over 100 symptoms). She now uses her personal experiences to help people in all stages of life re:claim wholeness in a relatable and fun way. She takes from her own life experiences of recovering from abuse and trauma, addiction and disordered eating, chronic illness, competing in high level athletics, creating art installations and photography for NGOs, traveling the world, and learning to break free from victim mentality to not only create the life of her dreams, but help others, as well. By bringing a mixture of compassion, empathy, and deep joy to their life and work, it allows her to help make healing enjoyable and accessible to others. As a “Healing Party Hostess” and “neuroplasticity personal trainer”, she brings her unique personality and skillset to her work as the creator of Yay! Neuroplasticity Coaching to help create an individualized plan and path to wellness that is simple, practical, and enjoyable with lots of playfulness and laughter along the way! 


    She hosts a free weekly virtual karaoke dance party on WhatsApp called the Neuroplasti-Party to help elevate and provide connection and laughter, especially for re-trainers. You can follow her on instagram @yayneuroplasticity and @go_astra_go or her website For questions and coaching inquiries, please contact her at



      Mom + Wife, Fresh Foodie,  Brain Retraining Guru, Mindful Meditator, Jewelry Maker + Life Lover

      I am a 50 year old wife, mom of two, foodie, scrapbooker, life lover, jewelry designer and brain retainer. In 2016, my health led me to quit my high paced corporate executive job and focus on wellness as my full time job.  After two years of trying various treatments, my brain rewiring journey began in 2018 when typical treatment was failing to work.  I remember saying to my husband, after finishing the DVD program, how much better I feel already.  My symptoms started to shift pretty quickly as I implemented the brain rewiring program with diligence and relentlessness.  Before you know it, and a year later, I claimed my recovery from my limbic impairment.  

      Many of my rewiring buddies were like, how did you do that so fast…and I said…it was my full time job…I did nothing but rewire my brain for a year straight.  During that journey, my physical symptoms cleared first.  This allowed me to then focus on my behavior and thought processes.  I never thought of myself as a negative person….until I listened to myself speak.  With that in mind, I developed a method to help me shift my negative self talk or negative language to a more positive, optimistic way of speaking and believing.  This process led to my last leg of recovery and I share it with whoever will listen.  I tell people….flip the script in your language and things will shift.  It is that simple, you will see. Contact:

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      Director: Rewiring Wellness Retreat, Wellness Coach + Somatic Educator

      Part entrepreneur part artist, Ashley is jack-of-all-trades.  She delights in organizing events and creating collaboration with supportive community, aiming to bring inspiration, joy, and delight into the world of health, healing and neuroscience.  Faced with her own mental health and body challenges in the past 25 years, she has had to overcome many obstacles to uncover her true self-expression and offering.  The science of neuroplasticity and the possibility to be the hero of your own story inspired her to pass this incredible wisdom down to others, so that they too will be able to feel the brightness of their own beings.

      Ashley is a trained Somatic Dance Educator and has studied numerous healing arts including Reiki II, Theta Healing, EFT, NLP, AARM, Positive Psychology & TM Meditation. An avid advocate of self-expressive arts, Ashley loves to bring people into the world of dreams & possibility through the simple practice of putting color on paper.  When she is not creating new offerings, you can find her reading fantasy novels, sewing felted creatures or hanging out at the beach.  (you are already here:>)

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      Certified Mindful Meditation Instructor @ The Mindfulnes Center

      Kelcey is certified in Mindfulness Meditation Instruction. She currently teaches virtual meditation classes at The Mindfulness Center and can be found at @meditatewells for tips, individual sessions, and wellness in the workplace workshops. Her passion lies in corporate wellness and has developed programs to teach people how to foster balance versus burnout at the workplace with mindfulness methods. Her work is inspired by her own personal burnout experience after working in a taxing corporate setting for ten years. She discovered the power of mindfulness, meditation, visualization, positivity, and neuroplasticity to change her life, begin to heal herself, and give her a new-found purpose.Kelcey has been using brain retraining methods, namely DNRS, to rewire her brain from years of stress, trauma & debilitating physical imbalances. While still on her road to recovery, she has happily uncovered her true resilience, self-acceptance and purpose.  Kelcey enjoys teaching about the magic of meditation and visualization to reset, restore, and rewire the brain and body. She has successfully found a way to combine her talents, experience, and empathy to create and share effective mindfulness methods that have served her well. Follow Kelcey on Instagram at @meditatewells .


      She currently teaches virtually on Wednesday's & Friday’s at 6:30pm ET

      Wednesdays @ 6:30 ET FREE  IG LIVE MEDITATION SESSION @meditatewells 

      Fridays @ 6:30 ET FREE MEDITATION SESSION TheMindfulnessCenter.ORG

      She can also be reached by email at for more information on individual meditation instruction or wellness in the workplace programs.



        DNRS Brain Retrainer, Mom, Artist + Nature Enthusiast

        I am a 43 year old artist, music lover and nature enthusiast.  I love spending time with my husband, who is from England, and our 7 year old boy-girl twins. I have been on a healing journey since 2018 and I have been using DNRS to rewire my brain.  This has allowed me to overcome EHS, severe food sensitivities, anxiety, PTSD, and a whole host of other issues!  I was even able to go back to work full time as a Senior Research Analyst last May.  


        In addition to DNRS, I also use other methods and techniques, like EFT, to aid in my healing.  EFT is a wonderful addition to DNRS, it calms the nervous system and I use it in the mornings and the evenings before rounds, or when I am facing a new challenge.  I have not had official training in tapping, I am merely sharing it from a lay perspective and with the unique viewpoint of a brain retrainer.


          LAURA McCOOK

          Brain Rewirer, Organic Gardener + Cook  Extraordinaire 

          Laura McCook received her BBA in Marketing and worked in the corporate world most of her adult life until she developed LSI that required her to focus 100 percent on healing. Throughout her rewiring experience Laura chose to explore her creative energy in depth. She has learned to play guitar and piano, earned credentials as a Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist and is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader helping all individuals heal through laughter. She also volunteers with a cat rescue group and her city's Butterfly Brigade which plants and maintains organic butterfly gardens in city parks. Rewiring her brain has given her the gift of knowing that she can do anything she chooses to!


          A passion for cooking started when she was five years old (her last name is McCook after all) and it is another one of her many creative outlets.  She delights in the entire process of cooking and baking, creating new recipes and making existing ones.  Grocery shopping, farmers markets and gardening are like magical adventures for her.  Over the past few years she has started entering many recipe contests just for the fun of it.  She is currently working on getting her favorite Christmas cookie recipe (a gluten free version she created) into a local restaurant. 




            Laughter Facilitator, Community Builder + Funny Mom

            I laugh like a gargling chipmunk, a sighing damsel and a lusty donkey mixed with a piggy snort… But once upon a time I couldn’t laugh. My fight-or-flight system was so busy running from paper tigers. Humor bubbled all around me but I could only smile and mumble a pedantic “That’s so funny.”  I  was born in the loving embrace of a deeply rooted Southern family, survived a plane crash, solo sailed three years across the Caribbean, renovated houses, and became an artist and mother. The common theme was always, I am a creator. So enabled with the tools of neuroplasticity I began re-creating my brain.  I learned my limbic system was impaired and was degrading the health of my whole body. I used a number of powerful tools to rewire my brain but my most frequently used tool is Micro-DOSE’n my brain with humor.  Back when I couldn’t laugh, I was inadvertently jacking myself up daily with CAN (cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine).  Now I micro-DOSE my brain with humor.  DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) - The positive neurotransmitters associated with calm and bliss.  The other day I spilled a full gallon of white paint on the kitchen floor, in the past that would have resulted in stress. But instead, it became an epic ‘Whoopsie Daisy!’ story! Currently, I coordinate a successful Laughter Group, which I lead by example, using laughter, costumes, accents, and anything that prompts a giggle. My goal at the Rewiring Wellness Retreat is to share this joy with others!  Contact:

            YouTube Channel: A Daily Dose of Joy 

            Winston’s Blog Post ”Micro Dose’n Toolbox”


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