Winston's Micro-DOSE'n Toolbox

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hi! I’m Winston Garland, and I have recovered from a traumatic brain injury and a myriad of other physiological problems that were downstream from that original injury, and that went undiagnosed for years and years.

But thanks to the new science of neuroplasticity and programs that apply these principles, I have been able to recover – and I am so grateful!

Big shout-out to DNRS – Dynamic Neural Retraining System. It has been my constant companion for about 2 ½ years. My life has become more joyful than I previously realized was possible.

Micro-dosing is a quasi-trend in the ‘pharmacological world’. Here we use it a little tongue-in-cheek, “I'm gettin’ DOSEd high off my own supply!” a little jingle a friend of mine, and I coined really sums it up.

DOSE is an acronym for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Those are the positive neurotransmitters in the brain that set the stage for new neural growth and optimal states. When you feel a lot of clarity, joy, and balanced energy, usually you have an optimized set of neurotransmitters operating in your brain.

I’m still doing the full DNRS program, which is essential in my opinion to a complete and full recovery from brain impairment. At the same time, applied neuroscience is for everyone. Everyone can use these Micro-DOSE’n tools in 5 min. on the fly with or without a buddy to keep our brain optimally DOSEd all day long. My buddies and I have gotten so much out of them. I thought it was time to share... ‘Winston’s Micro-DOSE’n Toolbox.’


5-Minute Laughter Flow

1) Laughing for five minutes can really DOSE your brain!

2) I know, you may not feel like laughing right now…

3) …but if you CHOOSE to laugh, the spontaneous laughter will follow.

4) Fake it till you make it!

5) If something funny has happened recently, you can think of that.

6) But you can also start at zero.

7) You’re basically priming your brain to laugh easily.

8) Laughter is contagious, so doing it with a buddy really helps.

9) Stay relaxed as you laugh!

10) There is no doing this wrong.

5-Minute Whoopsie Daisy Stories

1) Like the Laughter Flow, you’re priming your brain to laugh.

2) But here we’re adding a story.

3) They’re usually little stories where you goofed, or life threw you a curveball…

4) …and by shifting your focus, you can see the humor in the situation.

5) This builds connections in your brain between bumps in the road and laughter.

6) If at first, you haven’t been noticing the humor in your day…

7) It is ok to share stories you have heard, maybe you can find one here.

8) You can also pause after someone shares theirs, you might be surprised...

9) ..."That reminds me of..." can be a great way to start.

10) Practice laughing throughout your day at little challenges and soon you'll find your story.

11) Sharing these stories with a buddy is a great way to connect.

12) This is the flashback that inspired the name of this tool.

5-Minute Slo-Mo Flow

1) A five-minute pause in our day…

2) …to be silent and still.

3) There are no rules. There is no doing this wrong.

4) Just enjoy ‘holding a quiet space’ with a buddy.

5) Start with three gentle breaths, like a sleeping baby.

6) This character inspired the name Slo-Mo.

7)Another way to do a solo Slo-Mo flow is to just move in slow motion for a few minutes.

5-Minute A Deeper Truth

1) For times when you feel a little wobbly, tired, things aren’t as clear.

2) You can choose what you focus on.

3) To get below the chatter of a busy day, to the deeper truth that’s always there.

4) You want to make powerful, positive statements out loud.

5) Examples of ‘Deeper Truths’ you can pull from:

6) The truths you build your life on. (For example, “I create my own reality.”)

7) Things you’re grateful for. (“I’m grateful for the sunshine today.”)

8) Things you love about yourself. (“I’m a great parent.”)

9) What you appreciate in others. (“I appreciate how funny my son is.”)

10) Keep repeating your statements until you feel them. There’s no rush.