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Morphing into your true self while rewiring...

The metamorphosis process…stemming from a Greek word that means transformation or change in shape.

Every be-ing on this earth has signed up in some fashion or another for ajourney. This journey of coming into form first begins for us humans when we take our first breath freshly out of the womb. Makes me wonder how many of our lives experiences are shaped from this very moment? This journey is unique to each individuals chosen life lessons and purpose.

For many, based on their souls evolution will have many opportunities to transform and awaken to their true soul gnosis. This often starts when we begin to seek or ask the questions of the seeker...

“Who am I”?, “Why am I here?”, What is my purpose?”.

This process of transformation, or alchemy of mastering oneself has taken place for centuries and can be easily described with the simple yet profound story of an insect; a butterfly to be precise.

How different, yet similar! Butterflies transform from a caterpillar, into a fully mature winged creature who emerges with life force and innate qualities to fly…explore, and sprinkle magic on earth and humans.

Often we dont fully grasp what this journey entails. From darkness into the light one must trust and allow the process. Every major transformation we face has the potential to make us more embodied and authentic than we were prior. Since birth I too like you have been blessed to be on a journey of emerging and transformation, as I have shed many layers and versions of myself and even life times of programming. The soul always knows what to do, but are we patient enough to listen? Our seeking reverberates out into the multi-verse as every question said or unsaid plants a seed and the universe conspires to meet our every desire.

I asked…

”How do I HEAL my nervous system"?

Law of attraction at its finest- Ask you shall receive. My prayers were answered and I was led to rewiring my brain and this blasted me into another EPIC transformational journey where for the first time in decades my mind and body synced in perfect union. I experienced the joy of a child, pure happiness, and a flow state for many many months in a heightened state of bliss.

Having spent many years into various forms of healing work, ancestral clearing and daily meditations the missing link to health and wellness I found was through healing the nervous system, our beliefs and the stories we attach to.

Learning how to rewire your brain and knowing the fundamental tools of how our brain works have been one of the biggest lessons and gifts of this lifetime. I never knew this was the missing link I was searching for. I now write this as the mature 40 something year old Butterfly with confidence, wisdom and a joyous vitality for life as through brain rewiring I have stepped into the into the adult version of myself.

Peace...true inner peace, my signature for this life time fully activated and aligned with my inner blue print. My writings and musings for this blog come from a place of calm, a quality I am growing into and loving, along with a zen like wisdom that I only read about in books and yet never fully grasped- you can't until you live it. Im grateful DNRS gave me the foundational tools to be in this grateful and tranquil space MOST of my daily life that doesn’t resemble a monastery. Some of the jewels that have helped me the most in this new adult stage of my metamorphism...

  • Having a established routine.This is a must for creatives, its a sort of self-love container.

  • Daily breath work and slowly down. Also huge fan of Buteyko breathwork for calming of the ANS.

  • Speaking to myself like a #1 fan! Because I have become my own BFF!

  • Daily gratitude journaling- Daily every night before bed I write 10 things that made me grateful and smile.

  • Time in nature and walking mediation. Nature has always been a great healer. Also very cleansing for the mind, body, and soul.

  • Dancing - my apple iTunes list is poppin’ with fun, happy, classic tunes.

  • Being unlimited in my choices - I can do and have anything I want!

  • Knowing I AM WORTHY! No more questions. Ive graduated from this class.

  • Being present - Every moment is a gift to be treasured.

  • Enjoying and savoring the neutral moments as well as the contrast. Contrast is there for a reason, We must appreciate it as well as the highs. This is MASTERY!

Everyone wants change, everyone want

s joy and bliss yet change takes effort and if we are resistant to it, we will receive it regardless.

We cannot get from A to B without change. The metamorphosis and awakening process simply have to do with change. It's leaving the comfort zone daily even for a little while. It's the exploration and curiosity and activation of our childlike nature. Its learning to explore and fly again!

My background as a transformational coach and holistic health practitioner (Ive take a long break) I was searching how to heal various immune system related and health issues while also helping others step into their purpose. I no longer feel I am searching, I have healed various health ailments and now allowing the unfoldment of my true purpose as gracefully as a newly emerged Butterfly who beings life in one forms and ends in another.. Utterly grateful! Until next time...Thank you for reading!


About Sonya:

Sonya is a proud Mom to a Son in College and wife who after more than a decade in the corporate world found herself diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that put her on the path she is on today. Discovering an innate passion for health and wellness, Sonya became certified as

integrative health, ancestral healing practitioner, transformational energy coach and spiritual mentor. After a perfect storm in 2020 she started brain training and re-wiring and through this path she found her true nature- peace, and joy. Sonya is also a host of “Speak your Truth” podcast and enjoys helping others step into their role as leaders and way showers. You can reach her via email or visit her website at

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