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Play, Laughter & Retraining - Healing the Joyful Way

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I'm known for my laughter, for my celebrations and for helping others to find more ease, fun and joy as they heal, grow and uplevel their lives. Laughter and play are some of the most powerful tools I use not only for my clients, but for myself. This is a topic I could rave about for ages, so for today, I'll share just a handful of reasons to consider using it in your healing / brain retraining journey... and your LIFE!

5 Reasons to Laugh and Play as you Retrain

  1. Boost your D.O.S.E The release of feel-good chemicals - dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins - means natural pain relief, ease in stabilizing our mood and regulating our emotions, more openness, joy and connection.

  2. Rewire your unconscious mind with ease Laughter and joy set fertile ground for brain retraining and laying new neural pathways. Play allows us to easily and more readily explore possibilities and perspectives we wouldn’t otherwise, making it easy and enjoyable to shift old patterns of thought, behaviour and emotion, plus more deeply rooted things like beliefs. When your play is cleverly worked into your retraining, you can create lasting change very quickly; shifting old patterns and paradigms as you build strong and lasting new beliefs, habits and perspectives.

  3. Improve memory and reduce brain fog. Studies have shown that from joyful play to socially interactive play and meaningful play, memory encoding and also recall. Laughter and play improve cognitive function and encourage activation of both hemispheres of the brain which improves focus and alertness.. Through laughter, we activate gamma brainwaves, which allow us to process information rapidly, plus experience more mental clarity and focus.

  4. Boost your immune function Stress wreaks havoc on your immune system and interferes with its normal function. Play and laughter reduce stress chemicals in the body like adrenaline and cortisol, relaxing us and allowing cell metabolism to improve. During laughter, B, T and NK cells (which are soldiers of the immune system) are released, strengthening immune functions.

5. Think more creatively. Survival mode doesn’t allow us much space for creativity, because it shuts down unnecessary functions in the brain and body so that we can do the basics and SURVIVE. While creativity may not be a top priority in your healing journey or day to day life, it has some major benefits. Firstly, more creative thinking = seeing more solutions and less “problems”. Would you prefer more problems or more solutions? Answers and options help to empower us in the freedom of choice (and feel those genius vibes when we see an obvious way around something).

Creative thinkers make lemonade ;) Secondly, creativity, whether it’s in writing, painting, the way you dress, the way you parent, the decoration or arrangement of your house, in crafting a meal or ANY other form of creative expression - improves your mood (those feel good chemicals again)! - boosts your self-esteem - improves cognitive function - alleviates stress and anxiety Thirdly, getting yourself into a creative state of mind means you are likely out of “fight or flight mode” (and thereby in a state of growth and repair or “rest and digest mode”).


If you want to learn more and experience some of these benefits for yourself, Lindsay Mitchell of Vital-Side and I are hosting a free webinar - “Rewiring for Joy: Connecting with Purpose Using Laughter & Brain Retraining,” This webinar is specifically designed for active brain retainers in programs like Vital-Side, DNRS, The Gupta Program, Rocksteady, and the Lightning Process. Lindsay and I will go into the fine detail and mind-blowing science behind using laughter as a form of brain retraining - even when it can feel uncomfortable and inauthentic. We’ll take you through the process of strengthening neural connections related to Joy and help you personalize your brain retraining practice in the process. Seating is limited at 100 spots, so register NOW to reserve your spot. Reserving your spot will also mean you’re the FIRST to know about joining our newest group, Elevate: Brain Retraining 2.0...the new and improved version! If you want to join this round of brain retainers looking to connect with purpose, play, and personalization in their practice, register for this webinar and be the first to know!

This booked-out live event has passed, and you can watch the replay:

Reading this after the webinar date? Email me to find out about replays and upcoming trainings -



ELEVATE Brain retraining 2.0 Want to refresh your brain retraining practice, uncover the essence of you and start living into dreams and goals as you rewire? Elevate Brain Retraining 2.0 is a six week program I created with Lindsay Mitchell (founder of Vital-Side) to help brain retrainers to boost and bolster their brain retraining practice. Find out more or get started here. Youtube You can laugh along with my videos any day, any time on my Youtube channel Join me for my 7 day "Start Your Day Shining" Challenge here.

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