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Real World Rewiring: Training Around People

Neuroplasticity offers freedom. The freedom to choose ideas and beliefs that serve us in whatever direction we choose to face. Retraining around people has been one of the most challenging and liberating experiences that I have embraced. The number of unusual situations with others began to emerge quickly as I interacted frequently with contractors, customer service reps, complete strangers, family & friends (particularly around the time of our wedding)….the list goes on. It’s impossible to prepare for every scenario that may come up, but it is possible to get some tools ready that are useful in multiple situations.

My top tool for training around people is to come up with a generic phrase that can apply in many cases; for example, "They are just doing the best they can with what they know". Repeat to yourself whatever phrase you choose along with any other tools you find helpful when involved in triggering situations with people.

I decided it would be fun to share via video four different scenarios from my life and some solutions I found helpful.

Unreliable People

When Friends & Family Disappoint

When Strangers Turn Limbic On You

People That Don't Stop Talking About Triggering Topics

While you may never encounter the exact experiences I described, my intention is to give you enough ideas to find tools that work for you so you can start using them now. The more you practice tools the easier they become and the more at ease you can feel with others. Other things that have helped me have more constructive relationships were working on setting boundaries in a healthy way and reading books on the subject such as Boundaries by Dr. John Townsend & Dr. Henry Cloud. Even when challenging, we can find enrichment in all our interactions!


Laura McCook is using DNRS and other rewiring tools to do what she loves and wanted to do before her before her perfect storm. After leaving the corporate world to focus on well-being, she’s now an active single and multi-family real estate investor, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist. Throughout her healing process Laura

chose to explore her creative energy by learning to play the guitar and piano, which she practices regularly and continues to take weekly piano lessons. She also loves cooking, organic edible and butterfly gardening, volunteering with a local cat rescue organization and is starting sommelier classes purely for fun. Website: Laughter Yoga YouTube Channel:

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Merridy Pugh
Merridy Pugh
15 ม.ค. 2565

Love the story of your husband just walking away – hehe - what a fab example!

Laura McCook
Laura McCook
17 ม.ค. 2565

I'm so glad you liked it! Before posting I showed him the video to make sure he was okay with me sharing his story. He said, "Oh my gosh, I forgot all about that". Of course he did ha ha ha. Like water off a ducks back.....


Merridy Pugh
Merridy Pugh
14 ม.ค. 2565

So good, Laura. Love the videos. The Boundaries book you recommend is a favourite of mine!

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