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Rewiring Worthiness...

Anyone on the transformational journey or having gone down the rabbit hole of healing work has probably by now dealt with the following questions, "Am I good enough?" or has had some capacity of chatter such as"I'm not enough, or "I don't do enough."

This inner talk which is prevalent for many likely developed in young childhood from not having our needs met or being seen, and often surfaces when peeling the layers of rewiring our brain and evaluating core beliefs. Often these themes also come up because at some point during the re-programing journey we must look at core beliefs or the lack of positive ones and start to reprogram our subconscious mind.

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't. You're right!"

~Henry Ford

Our inherent worthiness is not the issue. Imagine millions of sperm during conception and viola we won the race to be in this beautiful human form now reading this! HA! Then if you look at the questions above, are you playing the comparison game? "Im not enough" to who? Or "I don't do enough" compared to???

Remember, 90 percent of our actions and behaviors stem from our subconscious mind so the first and biggest thing is to be aware of what is lingering, i.e. our inner self-talk/ dialogue. Pay attention to those "Freudian" slips. This is where core beliefs can come into play, and are often accompanied by subtle behaviors like ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, holding yourself back from spending on growth experiences, and not going full throttle on the direction of your dreams because you tend to come up with a multitude of reasons. Limiting beliefs of 'not enough', and worthiness can hold us back and prevent us from living our best life and will keep hiding in the background until we truly start the path of clearing and narrowing down what they are and inner-stand that we have the ability to change our patterns and form new beliefs.

Empowered CHOICE: Do I stay with outdated programming or create a new


So how do we overcome these beliefs? Core beliefs or false beliefs are just beliefs. Notice the word LIE in the spelling. Such a great give away. It's a lie, outdated, and not a part of our authentic and true self which is whole and complete. The best part is that ANY false belief can be rewired - even if it takes time to do so because quite often it's been a part of our identity or story for decades. It's nothing more than a conditioned pattern and the more we change our behaviors and choose new thoughts and ideas the more we prune away old circuits.

I recently took a course on clearing beliefs. The key take aways are as follows:

  • Be aware of thoughts and stories you tell out loud, especially justifications. Notice bottom line or definitive statements. Write it down.

  • Know the difference! Beliefs vs. Facts -most of our beliefs stem from thoughts and not facts.

  • Definition of belief: "An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists".

  • Definition of fact: "A thing that is known or proved to be true".

  • Our brain form beliefs because it needs to make sense of the world for us. The human mind is naturally pessimistic to minimize risks.

  • Many of our beliefs have no basis in reality. We must look at our beliefs and see how many are facts- provable or truth.

  • When you find a limiting belief ask yourself why do you believe that? When did you start believing that? Was it passed down from a parent? Keep asking until you realize you cant go any further, and finally what you would you prefer to believe instead?

  • Replace old faulty beliefs like the "Not enough" with a new one and rewire that as your new set point.

  • Make a list of powerful new beliefs and write or sing affirmations daily to create new traits.

This method will require some quiet time and pre-frontal cortex work so you can really get a sense of limitations and start to move forward in every way!

Thanks for reading! I hope you got some valuable insights and ideas.


About Sonya:

Sonya is a proud Mom to a Son in College and wife who after more than a decade in the corporate world found herself diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that put her on the path she is on today. Discovering an innate passion for health and wellness, Sonya became certified as integrative health, ancestral healing practitioner, transformational energy coach and spiritual mentor. After a perfect storm in 2020 she started brain training and re-wiring and through this journey she found her true nature- inner peace, and joy! Sonya is also the host of “Speak your Truth” podcast and enjoys helping others in their healing journey and aids them to step into their role as leaders. You can reach her via email or visit her website at

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