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Are You A Sensitive Person?

Are you a sensitive person like me who often feels overwhelmed living in this world?

Do you wish you could walk around with a sign like this so that people would treat you with more understanding and kindness?

If that's you: Heads up! We, Georgie and I, have some awesome tips and tricks to help you feel more in control coming up.

Waiiit... are you reading this unsure whether you are a sensitive person or whether it’s your limbic system? As fellow brain retainers we get it can be difficult to tell the difference! So below are some statements.

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You have been told you’re ‘too sensitive’.

  • You do not like conflict (it can even make you feel sick!).

  • You feel tuned into the feelings of people around you.

  • You pick up on others' stress instantly and do not know how to separate yourself from it.

If you feel yourself nodding your head yes to most of them then you’re probably a sensational sensitive person!

So how can you start thriving as one?

Firstly, start with going about your day asking yourself ‘is this my problem?’ anytime you feel negativity. This is a great question to ask to figure out what energy is yours and what energy is someone else’s. As you walk around, ask yourself constantly ‘is this my problem?’ until you really start to differentiate between what IS your problem and what is not. It can be really freeing when you first start realizing that 99% of the negativity you feel in your life is not coming from you!

Important reminder: You are not responsible for others' emotional state!

Secondly, we would like you to become aware of how you’re spending your time and energy- this follows under the concept of “fair energy exchange”. Fair energy exchange means you give someone the same amount of time and effort that they give you e.g. if someone gives you 5% of their time and energy, you return the same amount but not more.

As a sensitive person you are often giving a lot more than you are receiving which can leave you feeling worn out and resentful. So our tip here is to analyze your relationships and make sure you are giving the same amount you are receiving. This will help you to enjoy your interactions with others and appreciate spending time with them.

Thirdly, we would make sure to know what refreshes your energy and make a daily discipline out of doing this activity! You may feel refreshed after meditation, singing, laughing, going in water, going in nature. It doesn’t matter what it is! Just pick one thing you feel lights up your soul and DO IT like your life depends on it- because it really does :)

Obviously these were just a few quick tips and tricks that we wanted to share. There is SO MUCH MORE! We have dedicated our work to help sensitive people. If you are one, please join us on Instagram where we will be sharing more tips and tricks, making sure that YOU also find your way to a happy and fulfilled life.

We can’t wait to see more sensational sensitive souls thriving in the world!

Georgie Higgins (superconcious coach/channel) and Kate Prance (mentor)

Instagram: @helpingyoubehuman

Facebook: Kate Prance

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