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Gratitude, Abundance & Faith

My last blog for this series touches on two of my key beliefs - Gratitude and Abundance, as well as the cornerstone of my life - Faith.

Turning to gratitude is everything. When I was a teen I read a book by Corrie Ten Boom, a Holocaust survivor and so much more. In it, she shares a story of being in the concentration camp with her sister. During their prayer time, her sister was giving thanks, and gave thanks for the fleas that infested their sleeping area. Corrie refused to give thanks for fleas at first - why would one give thanks for that!? But later, they found out they were able to worship in peace because none of the guards wanted to come into their barracks due to the fleas. “Thank God for the fleas” became one of my go-to phrases.

Whenever I move to gratitude, immediately I find myself relaxing. I realize how much I have. For a time I listed on paper five gratitudes every night. Then I used a fun app where I could add pictures of things I was grateful for throughout the day. This often included my cat, sunshine, or fun things I would see on my walks. Now, I fall asleep each night listing all the things I am grateful for. Heat is often on the top of my list. I have been known to thank God for parking spots. Cozy blankets and friends and family are usually my last thoughts as I fall asleep.

Which leads me to abundance. For so long, I lived with a scarcity mindset. Not enough time, not enough energy, not enough (fill in your own blank). Once I turned that around and started to embrace abundance I started finding abundance. Here’s what that looked like for me. In the morning, if I felt I was running out of time I would repeat to myself, “I have an abundance of time.” After doing this, I would find that I was usually 5 minutes ahead of schedule, consistently. The more I repeated this phrase, the more at peace I felt. Ditto for energy. I read once that God gives you enough energy for each day. Not more, not less, enough. And each day requires different amounts of energy. Once I embraced that thought, I could easily move into, “I have an abundance of energy for today.” I encourage you to try this - add abundant thinking to your life. See what changes for you!

Finally, I’ve been wanting to talk about my faith. It’s not easy for me to put into words. I am a Christian - I believe with my whole heart that Christ died for my sins on the cross. I believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I believe that God loves me. And I believe in a great, big God who is capable of so much more than even my vivid imagination can think of! If He can make the sun rise in the morning and the sun set in the evening, and created all of the beauty that is on this planet and beyond, think how much more He cares for you and me. Having faith hasn’t kept problems from me. Having faith has helped me deal with them, because I know I’m never alone. God promises to walk with me. He tells me to fear not, that He is with me. He knew me in my mother’s womb, and will be with me until the end of my days. I love God so much, and I’m so grateful for everyone He has put into my life.

I started writing this series last summer, and I pray each time before I write that God will touch one person with what I write. I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you who have taken the time to read my blogs. I value you. You have so much going for you! This is an awesome community. If you are on your healing path, keep going! Listen to your instincts and trust yourself. You have so much to offer. I pray that your days will be filled with light and laughter. And always remember, you’ve got this!

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