The Affirmation Challenge

A couple of years ago, I was sitting in my chair, scrolling through my texts when when one popped out. A friend sent a video. I don’t always take the time to watch videos, but something compelled me to watch this one. A very cute little girl with long curly blonde hair was sitting on her bathroom counter, naming everything she loved in the world. My heart was captivated. I smiled, laughed and maybe even got a bit misty watching her unequalled joy for life.

My friend went on to challenge everyone in the group to do an affirmation video. I laughed to myself and thought, nope, not my thing. Especially not today. I was in the midst of a limbic storm. I hadn’t moved from my chair all day. Reading through the texts took all of my small bit of daily energy.

But then I watched the video again. The twinkle in her eye. Her smile. Her complete and compelling love of life. Something inside me stirred.

I grabbed my phone and my husband. “Come video me in the bathroom?” I asked. My husband, looking rather surprised, said, “Sure, as long as I’m not in it.” After negotiating camera angles, and helping me up on the counter, we shot this video in one take. I went back to my chair, physically drained and emotionally joyful.

I sent it to the group, and the response was immediate and overwhelming. Everyone started sending their own affirmation videos. I believe I was the only one who took the challenge literally and climbed on a bathroom counter. LOL! But the effect was more than I expected. Watching everyone’s affirmations filled me with hope, and the realization that with every ebb comes a flow. The mirror neurons from watching everyone’s very unique and fun clips lifted my spirits and made me smile. I silently thanked my friend for the challenge.

I’m issuing my own affirmation challenge. Today is the day after Thanksgiving - one that I suspect looked very different for most of us. Perhaps you have a little extra time on your hands this weekend. I challenge you to say, either to yourself or out loud, everything you love - about yourself, about your life, about anything! And if you’re feeling a bit brave, make a video and post it on the Rewiring Your Wellness FB page. Share your affirmation. And feel the joy of mirror neurons! I know I will. I’m grateful for all of you - you are amazing! And you’ve got this!

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