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The Oreo cookie and the camper van driver.

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I wanted, I visualized it, I emoted it and it came reality. I was at the beginning of my journey with DNRS. I was having so much fun with rounds, creativity and my explosive imagination. The stars at night were my divinatory parlor and my magic was all over the place, I was still pretty limbic but my healing had begun and my heart wanted to run wild. Rounds were spells where I created imaginary partners, Oscar ceremonies, celestial flights and many many other funny stuff.

I knew it was not the perfect time for dating someone, I had to keep up the great work and only time will tell, but using “him” in rounds seemed really appealing and exciting to me. He was tall, fun, and we traveled together with his camper van, and he liked the same music as I do. He did not have any face yet, but I could feel his super awesome masculinity.

Summer was round the corner and I went out every single day to the park for walks and did many other activities. That park was my childhood park, many great memories took place on it. I have always thought that it was a magic place to me, its trees, the bees, the magical kingdom were my dreams came true on my imagination was back in my life. I couldn’t be happier. I did many fantasy rounds, one of them was beyond crazy in a good way; I was flying across the universe, almost touching nebulas and twinkling stars, feeling the 0 gravity, listening to classical music, and eating Oreo cookies floating around me…it was super fun and exciting, my brain was loving it.

September came and after transforming myself in many ways through the summer months I decided to open an online dating profile. I was excited, and I told my brain that everything was going to be ok. My intention was to date someone for coffee, nothing big, just trying to get back into social life. I decide to get picky and really use a good way to filter up those dating profiles. Using my intuition I chose my first candidate for a date. He fitted in perfectly, he was funny, handsome and liked the same music as me, he was perfect for a coffee date. We decided that he was going to be the one picking me up, he lived 40 min away from my city, he was punctual and surprisingly to me he showed up driving a camper van. I was kind of giggling inside,

Well, we went to a cafeteria, and things were going great I was having so much fun with him and my brain was kind of chilling out. Then the conversation led us to our careers. He knew I was unemployed due to my situation, I told him about my journey since the first minute we met online and he was ok with it. The serendipity was about to show up when he said “I work for Mondelez, a multinational company that among other brands produce the worldwide famous Oreo cookie”. I jaw dropped instantly, it couldn’t be true, the man that I was imagining in my rounds manifested in my life, I did it!, he was there, across the table.

Nowadays we are still together, he became my boyfriend, and we live a live full of music and fun. When you use your imagination combined with an elevated emotion you can send this great signals to the field and some can come true. This was an evidence that our minds and emotions can be utterly powerful, in fact we are super powerful and our fields can attract many wonderful things if we stay in a good frequency.

Keep your frequency high! let it go and see the magic show up in your life.

With love and light,

Laura Rasines.

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