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You are made of stardust.

In each one of us lives a stellar symphony. A universe of archetypes and configurations, inertias that we brought from the first day we came to the planet. Each one of us is unique and unrepeatable, we come from the stars and to the stars we will return. In these lines I would like to talk about the configuration that is what we call in astrology the birth chart. In this graph we will be able to see how the sky was on the exact day and time we were born. And this will mark our personality, tastes, inertia, etc. You can see with it your love style, your negative tendencies, what kind of relationship you tend to have with money, and a large etc…

The planets, zodiac signs and different houses of the birth chart gives us like a road map that we can use or not. This means astrology is not dogmatic, because God gives us free will. In my opinion using this tool whilst brain rewiring can help you see your blind spots and classic pops (if you are doing DNRS).

It is amazing to see how coincidental astrology can be with what we consider our core personality. Every birth chart is like a beautiful poem that no one can emulate, your star configuration.

The four elements are part of the whole in the universe, and each sign of the zodiac represents a different element. They are the basis of the configuration of our personality, but without a doubt an even more important aspect is our rising sign, since it represents how we show ourselves to the external world. Both of them, the solar zodiac sign and the ascendant will shape our character. For example, in my case I am a Leo which is a Fire sign, and my rising sign is Capricorn, which is an earth sign. Well, so far everything is correct, the problem comes when the fierceness, spontaneity and majesty of my Leo

On my coaching practice I help people integrate their rising signs so they can shine and see more clearly what pops or limiting beliefs have them chained to their past.

You can find me at IG as laura_rasines_neurovital or at

I offer coaching in English or Spanish.

Tonight look up the stars, home is where they are.

Much love to everyone.

Laura Rasines.

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