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Real World Rewiring: Repatterning Overwhelm

The last topic in my series, Real World Rewiring, deals with overwhelm. At some point it's likely everyone will deal with this feeling in some form; so I decided to share some ways that I discovered to help rewire this pattern. It can be unlearned, I promise. I have done it and so have many others, but it does take practice. This is once again in vlog form, so you can watch by clicking the video below. I have enjoyed sharing what I hope are helpful tips with you and wish you the best. You deserve it!


Laura McCook is using DNRS and other rewiring tools to do what she loves and wanted to do before her perfect storm. After leaving the corporate world to focus on well-being, she’s now an active single and multi-family real estate investor, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist. Throughout her healing process Laura chose to explore her creative energy by learning to play the guitar and piano, which she practices regularly. She also loves cooking, organic edible and butterfly gardening, volunteering with a local cat rescue organization and is applying for graduate school in the fall. Website: Laughter Yoga YouTube Channel:

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