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Rearview Mirrors

While rewiring my brain, I heard a lot about rearview mirrors. Like, one day all of my symptoms would be in the rearview mirror. One day, I’d be so healthy it would all be a distant memory. Hmmm, ok, yeah, right. But, the people who talked about rearview mirrors were so down to earth, not at all preachy, very matter of fact that this will happen. I tucked the thought in the back of my mind and kept putting one foot in front of the other.

When I first heard this phrase, I was at the beginning of my own perfect storm. I had the entire alphabet soup of illnesses, had to leave my home of 19 years with the clothes on my back and an overnight bag, gave up most of my earthly possessions. I left my community of 30 years and moved to a new area. My health, on good days, was precarious.

I started training. I was blessed to have a host of medical modalities and rewiring tools to work with. I had “Team Lynn” which was made up of family, friends, medical professionals and my tribe of rewiring buddies. I started to learn to edit memories, and to use future visualizations to see what I could be. I started growing new neuro-pathways in my brain. Each step - not always forward, it is not a linear process - brought me new learnings.

One day, one hour, one minute at a time I kept putting in the time and effort. Shifts, slight as they may be, happened and were celebrated. A new food. Walking to the end of the driveway. A good meditation. A bird outside of my window that made me smile.

And here I am, healed. And I finally get the phrase “rearview mirror”. My journey is so far behind me that it is like looking at mountains in a rearview mirror. As I continue to move forward, the mountains have grown so small that they are now tiny. You, too, will be looking in the rearview mirror some day. I know you will. Everything you are doing, regardless how small it may seem to you, will bring you to your own rearview mirror. And the view is awesome.

The really great thing about rearview mirrors, is that you only glance at them, because the real beauty is the road ahead. I’m so excited about the adventures ahead for you and me. You’ve got this!

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