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Welcome! I’m Lynn. Let me tell you about myself. I am healthy, joyful and calm. Actually that’s been my proclamation statement for over three years. And I’m excited to share that now it’s spot on true.

I remember writing it. I had started retraining, and as a writer, had a beautiful, somewhat more elaborate proclamation statement that covered all my hopes - as out of reach as some of them felt at the time. I loved it! And then I shared it with a coach who gently guided me to try to shorten it to one sentence. What?!? That seemed impossible to me. She said I’d want to have it as my go-to when I needed something quick to repeat to myself over and over.

So, I started working on it. After several weeks of many iterations (did I mention I’m a writer?) I finally landed on this one. And I loved it being short. I’ve said it in my head, out loud, sang it, danced to it, and have used it to lull myself to sleep. It is my proclamation, my intention for meditation and yoga, and I had it on my white board and vision board in big letters for years.

What did it mean to me? Healthy - 100%. I was going for it all. No “I can deal with it.” Nope, 100% healthy. Joyful - filled with an inner light and lightness. Filled with gratitude, laughter and dance. Calm - a peace that passes all understanding. Being able to let the drama go on without me. Knowing that I am safe and I am loved, just as I am.

And guess what - I’m there! I can now describe myself as healthy, joyful and calm. I can go where I choose, do what I choose, yes, even eat what I choose. Rewiring has changed my life. I am a woman of faith and thank God every day for the tools He gave me to reclaim my life. I’m so grateful to be able to live abundantly.

If you’ve made it this far - thank you!! If you are an experienced “re-wire-er” celebrate with me! If you are reading this and thinking, “yeah, right. That’s nice and all, but does she have a clue?!?” Trust me, I do. And I believe in you. I know that you are going to celebrate your own proclamation statement. Even if you don’t 100% believe it, I believe it for you. Let’s start here. Fill in your own blank, “I am __________”.

Own it. Live it. But most of all, believe it. You’ve got this!

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1 Comment

I am healthy, joyful and calm!!! I love that Lynn. Great article! Thank you for all the lovely encouraging words

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