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Musing about Abundance

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

"If you had all the time and money in the world what would you do?"

This is what Deepak Chopra asked one of my cohorts from a graduate program as the keynote speaker at a consciousness conference. My friend had asked "what advice would you give to a young person just starting out?"

Reflecting on the meaning of this: the result seems clear to me; prosperity means freedom. Freedom to live fully, free to choose how we spend time. To move into our gifts as our vocation. If we are able to put numbers aside, what choices would we make with our time?

What may be in our way? It doesn't cost a thing to write down our wishes towards fulfilling what holds meaning. In my mind, some of the wealthiest people are free. That doesn't always have to do with money.

Money and self worth

Do you have anY barriers keeping you from receiving? Not just money, but simply receiving? Are there any inner messages that keep you from receiving for your work? Money is correlated to greater security and greater confidence, where do you Just the word money and thinking of our "net worth" can evoke deep emotions. It can be sobering and even be devastating. Money is emotional. Ask anyone about money, and observe. Why it is such a charged subject? For some it is a dirty word. Some families never talk about it and some families are ruled by it. and...It does matter if are given it or we earn it. Whether we like or not, it touches our lives. Focusing on truly living may bring the freedom of trust.

Recovery is expensive, especially after we have come undone on our healing journey, not only may we be earning less, but maybe spending more to have the support we need. That can take a toll on our sense of self. Though the gifts from recovery bring greater self worth, as we reclaim ourselves, focusing on work is just one part of it. That takes conscious awareness. There are steps to consciously succeed financially.

Creating your own glass ceiling

"I worked for a menial hire

only to learn dismayed

That any wage I had asked life

I would have willingly been paid"

----Jessie B Rittenhouse

(this quote was found in Barbara Stanley's book The secrets of Six figure women)

Setting our value takes reflection.

Consciously looking at the messages we give ourselves about money can open the floodgates to greater prosperity. It is then when open our eyes and look at how we ha been conditioned. When we are aware and free ourselves of those values, we can focus on the financial goals we want to meet. It also helps to feel into our purpose and activate our most confident selves with clarity.

Physiological Roots

There is a physiological reason for why money holds so much importance. Money allows us to buy food. Look at most primates. Establishing placement in the tribe has its roots in survival.Those who have more alpha qualities are able to gather more food for their families. There is a direct connection: the bigger pile of food, the stronger the family. Plus, Alphas command greater respect. On a developmental level, financial security creates greater stability. It effects how the family is operating: is it guided from a state of survival or peace? Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist known for his developing a chart of the hierarchy of needs maps it out beautifully. All other levels of development are predicated on the foundation of having enough food, air, water, sleep, etc. That correlates with money.

Clearing Obstacles & Building worthiness

Our bliss may not always earn a living. The myth of the starving artist may sound romantic, but those with artsy dreams know all about the"day job.". Sad but true, we live in a culture that does not correlate net worth with the things we love. Following your life calling does not always yield financial~reward, initially. However, more clarity clears the space for fulfilling our earning potential with things you love. What is the magic key that needs to get turned to make it real?

I believe I just truly started a process of untangling the complex messages I give myself about money. It may be a journey.. I know there will be steps to move from here to where I want to be. I know it's a relief to come clean.


  1. Think and Journal about the following

  2. How do you feel about speaking about money? Simply asking for it. If you are creating your fee or pay at work, do feel you could ask for more?

  3. Notice when it is you spend it. Are there any patterns? Is there an emotional need?

  4. Are you spending on things or experiences?

  5. have you associated love / self love with purchasing or receiving an object?

  6. Does it bring up feelings of worthiness?

  7. Imagine receiving. Are there any blocks in the way?

  8. What messages did you receive from your family?

  9. Envision the fee you wish to set for yourself: feel and see it happening.

  10. What kind of life style to you imagine for yourself?

These are some action steps to take which will help know yourself better and your relationship with money.They are simply a starting point. what comes up for you?

Please feel free to be in touch or start a thread in the chat box. Your experience can help others.


When I first posted this article, I never imagined that I had opened up pandora's box. I posted the blog with a picture of money loud and clear. I was satisfied. I then posted it on facebook, which I am doing with greater ease. Then a few days passed. A wave overtook me. I became full of shame, it was an old feeling, a deep well of unworthiness . How could I be so crass? Who does that? I should not be so direct. Images of my cousins danced in my head, I even dreamt about them, and I was embarrassed. I woke up in sweat. I never thought I had such a deep wound around money. I raced back to take down the posts. I deleted the photo with relief I put up a pretty picture. My writing was boring. who wants a boring article on abundance?

I never thought I was too involved with money. I always kept it at a distance. That's because I felt it was super charged. For me, I avoided the subject for most of my life. I lived simply in a small cabin in the forest for seven years. I spent most of my time meditating. I grew up spending alot of time in the woods and I was close to the earth, wherever I Iived. I slept under the stars for months in New Mexico. I never realized how I guess it was too difficult to bear. The responsibility of it felt to be too big. Even though I have made money, there was a glass ceiling on that. Even I have found meaningful work, that still takes money. .

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