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Remembering Your Multidimensional Self

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Our bodies are amazing multidimensional vessels. This is not a new concept, cultures who live close to the earth have known this. The aboriginals have entered into "dream time' which enabled them to communicate telepathically. The Dogon tribes people from Mali were able to scan the solar system and knew the placement of the stars, well before having telescopes. Our bodies are innately designed for this level of perception. Our potential in intuitive knowing is limitless. This includes knowing what we need on all levels. But this often requires unpacking layers of social and ancestral conditioning. It may take a perfect storm, but If we reframe the process of recovery, it can be an amazing experience of knowing ourselves. It has been my belief that our community of retrainers have been called in a very specific way. If we see our rewiring from a meta perspective, we may see it as a "research" project. We are spiritual warriors collectively helping the world shift into a new way of being.

Body, Mind and Soul Awareness

Peeling off the layers obscuring us reveals who we are and what we are capable of. Doing this from a meta perspective helps us unpack from old maladaptive patterns from bigger perspective and offers us distance from ourselves. As neural retrainers, we have been encouraged to move into the space of curious observer. What does that really mean? Through moving into our higher guidance, we experience greater equanimity. Entering into this space of self trust, inner wisdom and empowerment is life changing. When we connect into self trust, we are free to be ourselves. This all moves us into a state of coherence, what I call our optimal self, our unique blueprint.

How do we access our optimal self? There are so many ways we can move into our authentic selves. Each time we speak our truth, set healthy boundaries, observe the world with humor, connect to nature, and accept our life choices with self compassion we become freer. Moving into this space offers limitless possibility. It activates the self healing intuitive wisdom within us. Even though retraining maybe uncomfortable, the result of being ourselves liberates us. We can experience more spaciousness and joy, even as we transform old patterns. Since we receive messages from this space of wisdom through color, light and symbol, we may how to learn the language our higher wisdom offers us. We also may need help to access the space of expansion and how to move into our higher guidance. Certain ways to experience these higher states are through meditation, hypnosis, yoga, ecstatic dance, just to name some.

Sharing some tools for unpacking

I envision this blog series as a vehicle for support. In the second section of each blog will focus a different aspect of the work I have been offering over the last 20 years. I will share some processes I have implemented in my healing arts practice. I have witnessed and supported hundreds of people as they return into the remembering who they are and access their soul purpose. I have researched and cultivated modalities which serve to integrate body, mind and soul. Life between Lives ™️, Somatic experiencing™️, meta awareness, expressive art processes, and sand play all access subconscious material beyond words. I have been a guide who helps others decipher the language of their higher wisdom.

Artwork by Jennifer Axinn-Weiss


In the last part of each post, I will share a practical tool focusing on some methodologies I have used with clients. Now that I have introduced the intentions of my work, this month will focus on one practice of body awareness. This is informed by the work of Peter Levine, navigator of somatic experiencing™️ and Vipassana or insight meditation.

Grounding and Harmonizing our inner Elements

Grounding is an innate part of our design. When rubber soled shoes were introduced to the Native Americans, they claimed they felt disconnected from the earth. Prior to this, they walked barefoot or in moccasins which helped them receive messages from the elements. When we practice grounding ourselves by sitting with the trees, washing in a cold streams, and simply feel into what is settled inside, we are grounding. We naturally want to be connected to the energy of the earth. It is a space of unconditional love. Though there are scientific reasons for this. The earth has a certain resonance field which generates a 7.83 Hz frequency called the Schumann wave. There are many innate methods to harmonize our inner elements with this frequency. Traditional healing arts and spiritual practices use the voice, sound or syllables to harmonize our inner elements. Somatic practices let us focus on how we feel into what is most settled inside of us. This provides an anchor during our journeys.

My study of this material began in my early experiences of being in the woods. In my teens I studied wave frequencies and energy medicine by visiting the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Phoenix. I was involved with a TV series called " Healing in Santa Fe" I had a very early introduction to Quantum work a few years later when I read the Tao of Physics, by Frija Capra and The Holographic Universe by Micheal Talbot.

I have included a recording to support the process of grounding. I partially like to envision myself as a tree, with roots firmly planted deep into the earth. I have adjusted this practice to meet the needs of our retraining community.


Jennifer leads play shops and certifies others as Hypnosis Practitioners through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She holds an MA in Consciousness studies/Transpersonal Psychology and an MFA in sculpture. She is an integral and somatic experiencing practitioner certified in Pediatric, Medical, Life Between Lives ™, expressive arts, sand play, and journey dance™️ She has been offering healing sessions and personalized recordings and processes since 1997. She is currently developing a seven week journey towards recovering the authentic self. A seasoned practitioner, she has worked with hundreds of clients. One of the highlights of her work is bringing arts programming for children in Pediatrics at Vassar Brothers medical center. Her practice is informed by 20 years as a meditator, which included many years of travel and meditation.

Since birth Jennifer displayed food sensitivities which were an early indication of limbic issues. She has overcome imnumeral health and emotional issues but chooses not to look back at this moment. One of the jewels of her journey is the wisdom of her practice.

All material is ©️ 2021

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Always Love what you write Emunah❣️ You are so wise with a deep knowledge of so much. A beautiful soul. XO


Jay Thygesen
Jay Thygesen
Jul 31, 2021

Lots of food for thought here - thanks for sharing. Heading out to try grounding with real ground.

Replying to

You remind me to do that too.. and whenever you DJ.. feet on the ground, head in the sky. thank you for your forever support.💜

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