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Dear Candy Q & A: Energy levels, Limbic issue vs illness, Restless Leg Syndrome

Happy 2022! It is a new year and a new chapter. I hope the year has started out well for everyone!

Q: How do you identify whether tiredness is purely limbic or if rest is really needed because of sickness or over exertion? It can often be hard to tell if you are actually sick with a cold or other virus since the symptoms often are the same.

A: That is a good question. It is not always easy to determine. I recommend that when you are feeling tired, start with some brain retraining and elevating of your emotional state. If, after doing so, you are still tired, then give yourself permission to rest but watch your internal dialogue as you do so. We don't want to be entertaining any automatic negative thoughts around it. Instead, view the situation as temporary, and part of operating within your training zone as you recover. Even with colds and viruses our internal dialogue will play a role in our rate of recovery. The more we can distract and elevate our emotional state, the more we are supporting our immune system and giving it the resources necessary to recover.

Furthermore, as people start to recover and increase their activity levels often more rest is needed initially after exertion. There is often a different quality to this rest and after resting they feel better/stronger. By being the curious observer we can start to discern the difference and respond accordingly (without over focusing or overanalyzing our symptoms).

Q: Any suggestions for how to train on ITs and energy levels that fluctuate throughout the day?

A: It may be helpful to briefly reflect on what times of the day in general you have more energy versus other times, and plan your incremental training or challenges during the stronger times of the day. Additionally, plan to do some brain retraining or elevating your emotional state just prior to the time of day that has the least amount of energy, as we want to start interrupting this pattern.

For ITs that fluctuate, do your best to give them as little attention and airtime as possible, and actively redirect and do brain retraining when they arise. If it is ongoing for periods of time, do some retraining and elevation of emotions initially, then actively redirect your brain away from what is present. Even if the symptoms don't go away, we don't have to give them our focus. Instead, focus on what you are doing in the present moment. If the ITs are too loud, consider using a good distraction that helps take your focus elsewhere for a while. This will help give your limbic system time to calm down, after which it is often easier to redirect.

Q: Any tips for how to retrain on restless leg syndrome?

A: Watch caffeine, alcohol and sugar consumption, as these may worsen restless leg syndrome. Additionally, there are benefits to regular exercise, within your training zone. Overdoing it or not exercising can also contribute to an increase in symptoms. Restless leg syndrome is also worsened by stress, so managing stress as best you can is imperative. Increasing your dopamine levels in the brain can potentially help alleviate the symptoms, so doing as much as you can to elevate your emotions frequently throughout the day would be a good idea. As with all forms of limbic system impairment, watch your thoughts and how much air time you are giving to the condition. Redirect when necessary. Finally, when the symptoms arise, do a round of brain retraining or actively redirect and elevate your emotional state. Since it is a neurological disorder, actively redirecting your brain, elevating your emotions, and relaxing your nervous system will be tremendously valuable in recovery.

Until next time!

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Candy Widdifield is Registered Clinical Counsellor, Wellness Coach, and Registered Reiki Master Teacher in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She works with people all over the world, helping them to optimize their wellbeing and thrive in their lives. Her modalities include coaching, therapy, Reiki and the Safe & Sound Protocol. More information about Candy can be found at


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