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"Heaven is a Place on Earth"

"In this world we are just beginning, to understand the miracle of living"
Belinda Carlyle

Brain rewiring goes beyond health, it provides a whole new life. Not because I didn’t have a life before, but because my thinking patterns reflected in outer circumstances were not in alignment with my greatest good. This is why, once I had reached the stage where I got to be unlimited and free in the world, I began to ask myself: What is my Purpose?

I think of it as a Divine synchronicity, a happy, meaningful coincidence that happens when the brain is (re-)wired to know where to search for grace and guidance. It blew my mind.

It was a luminous day of April when I was driving my car on a curvy highway, eager to get to the ocean. Music was playing on the radio, tuned in to a local station as opposed to my usual inspirational music of choice, and instead choosing to go with the flow of the DJ´s repertoire. I live in Spain.

With my eyes fixed on the asphalt, in one of many turns of the wheel, my attention wandered from the ground to a majestic hill. Rejoicing in the panoramic view I had in front of me, it rose to the glistening sky in the exact moment Belinda Carlyle sang to me “Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?” Since I knew the song, I replied with whispers, teary eyes and a big smile, “Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth. They say in Heaven, love comes first, we´ll make heaven a place on Earth”. I felt like I was answering to myself a question sent from above through the lyrics of a song played on the radio by… God.

I had been collecting clues about this truth throughout my rewiring Journey, so this really didn't catch me by surprise. It´s just the timing and the symbolic beauty of the moment what I found overwhelming and important: the mountain representing the Earth and the sky as Heaven. Like so many times before when captivated by Nature, I was present and blissful, but this time I went further. I felt like “Being” there was all I had to be and to do in that moment, it was the beginning of a great (re-)wiring on Purpose.

Purpose became something similar to happiness. It was an inner state of being that allowed me to enjoy and be part of the little miracles of life through presence, action or experience from the heart. This new core belief lifted a weight from my brain. The weight of getting to find something important that I love to do and that makes a difference. I am now aware that loving life is what makes a difference for me.

It was the Pixar movie called Soul that elevated my newly gained meaning of purpose to an even higher truth. I watched this animated Manifesto on Purpose 3 times to better wire its teachings through mirror neurons and repetition, an old school retraining trick. It basically tells the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher escaping the Great Beyond, who had a passion but was disconnected from life, and the character of 22, who is an unborn soul in the Great Before searching for a spark.

It is through their adventures on Earth that they will both finally learn that passion nor spark are purposes. Deep conscious breaths, skywatching, the sound of laughter and happy voices, watching crispy autumn leaves dancing with the wind or the flying seed of a pine tree are some defining moments that made Joe and 22 be ready to “come to live”, as the main character Joe ends up describing what Purpose is. Like me, he needed a Hero´s Journey to find the gold in front of his eyes. Maybe you first have to hit rock bottom to go to heaven… on Earth. This is Transformation.

Another rich lesson I gleaned from this movie is from a character who is a barber who wanted to be a veterinarian but life got in the way. Still, he chose to be happy and to love his job. He was going with the flow. Independent from the big picture I create for my future, I feel my Purpose in every step I take towards it, even when it may guide me in another direction. I go with the flow of life. This is Purpose.


The Natural Brain: Focused in the Healing Power

of the Natural World and (Re-)discovering Nature

with new eyes.

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