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Welcome the original self, the authentic True Self! This is the season when we reclaim all that is good and true - our innate okayness, no matter what!

In the Letting Go season we released the conditioned, idealised self. We explored ways of letting go of so much. Such courage. This made space for us to slow down and look at

ourselves through the eyes of love.

In the Season of Going Within we began to respect our own needs and trust in our own sovereignty leading us to the Transformation Season. There we experienced promise, hope and and reality. We may have needed to revisit one or all of these Seasons, reminding ourselves of the gifts they offer.

All of this preparation brings us to Re-emerging. Like the summer, this Season is loud and rejoicing. Everything blossoms in celebration of its own place in the world. The roses do not compare themselves to the lilies. They simply bask in their own beauty.

Many things may have changed, relationships, friendships , careers may have fallen away, the intense grief of loss, and yet we celebrate the re-emergence of the True Self. This is when we can be by fully present to ourselves. This Season, however loud, may be felt very privately and personally as an inner experience or more overtly, in the world. It may be a taste of freedom to come or a full meal. However it appears it is a joyful time. Again, if you feel the need to revisit any earlier Season, do this with great kindness and self compassion, knowing that even after the longest, darkest winter, there is a summer.

You might like to create a ritual to honour your journey through the 4 Seasons. Do create your own, here are some ideas to get you started:

☆write a letter of appreciation to yourself noting the changes in each of the Seasons

☆create a series of movements or a dance representing the changes you have experienced

☆express your feelings of the journey through drawing, painting, clay or textiles

☆make music or a song about how you feel now

However you may choose to celebrate please take time to really appreciate the effort and work that goes into this amazing process. Your True Self is infinitely worthy and wonderful, definitely deserving of your loving attention.

Thank you for reading the 4 Seasons of Healing. I have created for you a 5 minute audio of affirmations spanning the Seasons. You can reach it here


Elaine is a brain retrainer, a lifelong lover of learning, a free spirit and an artist. She is committed to her own healing as well as supporting others on their path.

Her life's purpose is to encourage others to find the freedom of the True Self and her journey holds the riches of intense training in Buddhism, coaching, alternative therapies and Jungian psychology.

She has lived in different parts of Africa and Southern Spain and has now settled in the hills of rural south West England

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