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This is the scariest season! It calls for courage and trust. As with the spring, this Season of Transformation can have false starts and late frosts. When we move from dorsal vagal into fight/flight state, we might move back into freeze. We know it is not a linear process. We might move into ventral vagal and then back into fight/flight. Our nervous systems are testing the environment and it's ok. Stand strong.

Sometimes in the spring, the hopeful early, new buds seem to take a while

to open. We cannot force them as much as we might want to. We need to trust that these tiny wrapped promises will gather the necessary lifeforce to blossom. Sometimes this transformation does not result in a perfect flower. Some buds do not open at all and we need the courage to accept that. Sometimes we need to return to the Letting Go season or Going Within.

When this happens to me my trust is stretched to it's limit but trust we must. And out of that trust we nurture our own promises. See if any of these resonate or perhaps inspire you to create your own :

⊙ I promise never to give up on myself, whatever happens.

⊙ I promise to allow my feelings and emotions, whatever happens.

⊙ I promise to be compassionate towards my body if I need to revisit a previous season.

When trusting has proved difficult in the past, trusting in this way might be scary. However, do you trust your body to breathe while you are asleep, and your heart to beat? I do. I also believe in my innate healing ability and I remind myself of my promises daily! Doesn't mean it is easy, but it is possible.

There are many ways to approach this Season of Transformation and mostly the thing that changes is our emotional landscape. When we are sleeping better, able to eat and stay hydrated better, feel calmer and safer, have released and let go, have improved the relationship with our precious selves and when the irritable inflamed brain stops sending cascades of hormonal chemicals into the body, we then have an environment conducive to such beautiful natural healing. And therein lies the magic!

The path to the magic is unique to each person just as our clusters of symptoms are, and our response to those symptoms. This Transformation Season is the time to review all the tools we have learned in order to

follow our inner north star . Then we live our own unique path with courage and trust in our bodies. We remind ourselves that we are here to live our best life, not a perfect life. Our safety lies within as does our self affirming sweet love. Setbacks are inevitable as we know. And positive change can happen.

Having an understanding and empathic friend accompanying us on the path can make a huge difference. Someone who holds the vision of your immense possibilities, even when you forget. Someone like the wonderful Christopher Robin who says to Pooh Bear :

" Promise me you will always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."


Elaine is a brain retrainer, a lifelong lover of learning, a free spirit and an artist. She is committed to her own healing as well as supporting others on their path.

Her life's purpose is to encourage others to find the freedom of the True Self and her journey holds the riches of intense training in Buddhism, coaching, alternative therapies and Jungian psychology.

She has lived in different parts of Africa and Southern Spain and has now settled in the hills of rural south West England.

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