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Self Love Through Curiosity

This is the last blog in the Self Love Series…. And I am saving the best for last (IMO). Today is all about having a mindset of curiosity, being curious. Through the years I have come to the conclusion that curiosity is an absolutely powerful character trait that will guide us on the path of growth and expansion, helping us remember the truth of who we are, allowing us to align to this truth, and embody our truest self. For if I am not curious, how can I ever actually know? In my experience I have learned that the more I am curious, the more I ask questions, especially to myself, the more I am willing to be open to the answers I seek, the more I tap into my true self, and release what no longer serves me.

I believe we are all born knowing exactly who we are; however, it is through deep layers of conditioning as we grow up that we forget this knowing. We are conditioned by our parents, by our peers, by our family as a whole, by teachers, priests, pastors, social pressures, cultural norms & so much more…. We grow up into adulthood with this set of belief systems, with coping mechanisms, with likes, wants, dislikes, and some ideas of goals or dreams, as well as conditions - conditions we place on ourself in order to feel worthy of being loved. But, how often are these beliefs, goals, dreams, conditions and desires not actually aligned to our truth? In my opinion, very often!

I also believe that when we find ourself in a state of dis-ease, sick or in pain that it is an indicator from source that we are misaligned. This can seem like a bad thing, it can feel hard, and it can obviously be met with resistance, yet I fully believe it is simply a gift…. It is the Universe’s attempt to help guide us back to our soul’s calling and our most authentic self.

Dr Joe Dispenza has a quote that goes like this, “We are all faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. There’s always a door & that’s how we evolve.” This state of illness or pain or sickness we find ourself in can seem like that impossible situation, yet, it is just this beautiful opportunity brilliantly disguised. When we step into curiosity and begin to question everything, we take our power back. We keep what we decide is ours and we throw away everything along the way that we discover doesn’t serve us and isn’t true to us.

While I have always been an extremely curious person by nature and have always had a craving to learn everything, it wasn’t until my experience with DNRS and brain retraining that I felt like I was able to really shift this curiosity inward, and it really helped me to realign to my truth, to remember who I am, and to CHOOSE to embody this truth, even if that meant making the hard decisions. Can you relate?

Many times in life we think we want to know the truth, we think we want answers to our questions, but sometimes the truth means we must make hard decisions or do hard things. Sometimes it means we have to change our religion, quit our job, make a career change, walk away from a 20+ year marriage, or learn to set boundaries, and the list goes on….

However, each time we stand in that truth, we get closer to that alignment aka well being. I believe that when we realign to our truest self and embody this authenticity, our body releases the dis-ease. It simply can’t thrive in truth. This is the belief I hold, and so everyday remind myself that I am on the path of becoming…becoming more of the me I was meant to be. Through this inward curiosity I am able to question everything, and I mean everything. And as I question everything, I receive answers…and these answers creating knowing, and in this knowing, I create CHOICE.

CHOICE is our super power. Through curiosity we learn, and then we can choose new, or different. We choose to keep or release. We choose to be. We choose to remember, We choose to become. We choose to love ourself fully. What can be more powerful form of self love, then choosing ourself. Then choosing who we be, choosing how we will show up for life, choosing our truths, or choosing our beliefs… When we choose our life, we are co-creating our life by design; the alternative is a life by default. DNRS helped me to remember that I have a choice, and it helped me become clear about what choices I wanted to choose, and it helped me to embody & align to these truths. Have you had this experience yet? Can you feel this shift? Are you open & curious? Are you ready for your truth? Are you ready to step into a life of choice, freedom, and personal power? IF you aren’t quite there yet, are you at least noticing if you are becoming more curious? Are you questioning everything? Do you remind yourself daily that you GET to choose?

Everyday that we show up and do the inner work we are choosing ourself over and over again - how beautiful is that? I am so proud of every single person out there doing the work…the work of healing, of becoming, of remembering…because as we choose ourself and show up in love with ourself, we choose the planet and we choose healing for the entire collective. We be the change. So, thank you <3



Chazmith has been doing brain retraining for 23 months July 3rd. Whoooo hoooo!

She is also the creator of a podcast called Our Power Is Within, which is a podcast to inspire people to take their power back and help people to realize that each and every one of us has a healer within our own self. When we can create an environment that supports healing and get out of our own way, we are truly capable of healing in mind, body & soul. The podcast features a combination of healing testimonials as well as insight and advice from various experts in all things healing.

She is extremely passionate about movement and all things movement related. She is currently offering free weekly movement classes as well as small donation based classes through a WhatsApp group that are designed for fellow brain retrainers (or anyone who is on their healing/becoming journey to help people establish new and uplifting associations with movement while also creating a positive relationship with their bodies. You can can find more information about this offering and request to join the WhatsApp group on her website.

IG @OurPowerIsWithin

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